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This process of balding is never rapid and it is very seldom that the hair loss is replaced by growing of gray hair. There is no fast rule for all the frrowth and falling of hair and it depends upon individual to individual. But most of the times,it is seen that the sides and back of the head remains unaffected. Some young men are in the habit of wettingt the hair before combing so as to set the hair at desired level of head and make the hair-style.

simply straight brush the benefits are easy to produce, the other due to mechanical molding, the edge is very smooth, will not pull hair.As the surface is pots of ceramic glaze, pull hair effect is also good.People is because it is metal, itself is not insulated, The internal heating element for insulation treatment, in order to avoid leakage caused by security risks.Coramics glass plate application is less, mainly wholesale simply straight brush surface smooth degree of ceramic glaze is not as good as the other is not easy to shape fixed, to the product structure Redesign.

The baldness be permanent or temporay and all this depends upon the nature of alopecia with local and general etiological factors. In this type of alopecia, there has to be a cause.In case of permanent loss of hair, there may be local lesions of lupus erythematosis, scleroderma, syphilis, kerion, favus and folliclitis.  After washing complete drying(natural)is a must and then oil can be applied.