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How USPS Hold Mail Works

Suppose in case if you are on a vacation and if a mail reaches your home when you were not there. Then you may miss your mail which may be very much necessary for you. So there is the best way in which you can hold the mail at the local post office so that the post office will keep your mail safe until you reach your home back. The main motto of hold mail is to keep your mails safe with them and will return it back when you are back from your vacation. The mails can be held from a minimum of 3 days to a maximum of 30 days.And it is the responsibility of you to request the USPS post office to hold your mail until you reach back. You can request to hold your mail through online or you can call or directly go to the post office. Once you reach back your home then you can directly contact the USPS office and get your mail.





The Pony Express started in 1860, cutting days off delivery times in some areas, but lasted only 18 months before it superseded by the transcontinental telegraph line. Rural Free Delivery in 1896 and then Parcel Post in 1913 enabled the new concept of mail order shopping to take off, used by as much as 25 percent of the population in its early days.