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Article From Article Directory Database It's a simple mistake; a momentary loss of coordination. Of course it could have been avoided but here you are nonetheless. You had one or two too many at the party and got behind the wheel. Now you're staring at the flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror and wondering what has happened. How did it ever come to this?

You were lucky this time!

Maybe those flashing lights pulled you over because you were swerving. Maybe you crossed the centerline once or twice. Or maybe (God love you) you pulled over, put the car into park gear mode, and fell asleep behind the wheel. If any of these things happened, you may not feel like it as you await the officer's arrival at your driver side window New NFL Jerseys Cheap , but you were just undeniably the luckiest son of a gun that ever lived. That's right, lucky.

With the right legal representation the DUI charge that you are about to receive, it will be far more manageable than it would have if you had caused property damage, physical harm, or (God forbid) caused the death of another. If you are an insanely lucky individual you may even land yourself an attorney that can somehow beat the charge. But do you deserve that?

Are you lucky… or blessed?

Lucky means getting away with the previously outlined scenario. Blessed is getting home somehow and finding your car parked at a slant in the morning and wondering how the heck that happened. You can only be blessed just so many times however NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , before that guardian angel of yours burns out. Some of you have probably burned through any number of guardian angels already. And as long as you get pulled over before any real damage is done (and you are not a repeat offender), you probably should get a one-time 'get out of jail free card', though members of MADD would probably argue that. And who can blame them really? Lose a son or daughter to a drunk driver and it matters very little whether the person responsible was a first time DUI or a seventh time offender. Dead is dead.

Now you're really going to need a good lawyer

And what if you do cause severe bodily harm? What if one family's high school star football player is now a quadriplegic because you had too many drinks and got behind the wheel? What if that 17-year-old young lady that just got her driver's license six months ago was doing everything right, but she's dead now because you did everything wrong?

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