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In India, nearly 1 million individuals are carrying this purse from a shop Called Junxi Bags in China Yiwu International Trade City Stage II. In the past five months, this shop has only experienced the hottest Wave of the previous three decades, and a few orders have not yet been delivered. The mill has already been busy.

The Majority of the foreign buyers contacted by Chen Lixiu, the owner of Chunxi luggage store in the past five months, will be the buyers out of India. They're characterized by huge purchases, but are also very sensitive To cost. When purchasing, They'll cancel the purchase price in PCT.

From January to April 2017, one of the many countries exporting in Yiwu City, India had the highest total export quantity, and a Couple of Years ago, The very best spot was generally occupied by the United States.
Yiwu, The "Made in China" foreign trade milestone, is experiencing a change that Is not yet evident but has a deep impact: The Indians have Replaced the Euramerican people and become the new largest buyers in Yiwu. Store owners for PCT, just like the dragon match on the worldwide economic stage.

Yiwu Small Commodity City has 70,000 market players who have been Participated in the commerce industry for a very long moment. They've seen such Scenes: Enormous buyers have changed, prices have increased, and although Exports have begun to pick up this year, profits have been flattened.

There Are also many subtle but important differentiations within these 70,000 small commodity dealer groups: the ceiling of overseas exchange is Getting lower and lower, as well as the transformation from foreign (overseas Trade) inward (domestic trade) is continuing. Wang Maodong, general manager of Yiwu Yicheng Jewelry Co., Ltd., said: "The age of earning money lying down through foreign exchange orders has Passed."

This World Bank and Morgan Stanley and other authoritative organizations Known as "the world's biggest small yiwu product wholesale market", has confronted Both internal and external situations. It's a live sample of the fluctuations in the foreign trade of Chinese small commodities.