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de Make Bloom - martes, 27 de marzo de 2018, 09:00
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In Path of Exile, I made a hierophant self caster and gave up on it. Damage felt lacking, the spell leech felt kinda mediocre, and I regret playing frostbolt. The spell felt kinda lacking in effects and isn't flashy. Let's take a look at some experiences of collectors of poe currency cheap:

1. I've pretty much given up on my Oni Juggernaut Tectonic Slam. This build is painful and my dps is absurdly low. When I enter level 7 masters in rotations, I can't quickly kill anything. I miss Frost Blades so much. I'm planning to just get Zana and then speed run a Hiltless SLayer build and an Assassin frost blades build to mapping.

2. My only character in this league is also Oni Tectonic Slam. But I picked Chieftain, and I've always been happy really with the damage it does. (Path of Building thinks that if I buy well rolled Wise Oak and Atziri's Promise it will do over 1 million DPS (750k boss/670k shaper)). It's probably not as tanky as a Juggernaut, but it doesn't feel Oni's degeneration. I know there are higher numbers out there, but its far from painful.

3. I started GC totems and switched because, while it does amazing amounts of damage, I prefer tanky builds that do less damage over super high damage that folds like a wet bag when it gets hit.

4. Yeah, went out of my way and started as Hiero GC Totems and its actually the very first character I have ever deleted out of frustration since I started the game (mid-Prophecy league). I am more into "action packed" builds, if we can call it like that - I always found Totems/Summoners etc very boring to play or even watch.

5. Normally for every league, I only play one build so I try to make sure it works. Moreover, I always make it a point to use league specific uniques. This league i rolled a poison pure TS assassin that used the fenumus glove chest and boots that went hybrid with 4.1k hp and 2k es. So far it's pretty good, managed to down red elder and shaper so there's that.

6. I've made an unarmed abyssus Tectonic slam Juggernaut, rolled over Shaper and Uber Atziri, but can't do Uber elder. So i've had to respec into the meta build RF Jugg. Is this qualified as "failed" ?

What about you guys? Interested in reading builds that you gave up, and reasons for that. Visit https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile, you can see a lot of good builds.