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de Make Bloom - miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018, 10:43
Todo el mundo

In Path of Exile, maybe your spectres died so easily. You may not sure how they died, here are your most likely reasons:

1) They're Tukohama's Vanguards which are pretty squishy.

2) Skipped minion regen nodes (2+% on tree and some in Ascendancy).

3) Do you have Commander of Darkness and quality on that for radius so they get free resistances?

4) Purity of Ice absent, this aura wrecks Shaper.

5) They're facetanking stuff. Unless you Spec them for max regen, they're going to puddle slowly in Beams and too much degen. Use convocation to help them get out of beams and Degen pools, most certainly out of Bullet Hell. Double this if you don't have PoIce.

Easy quick solutions:

1) Purity of Ice.

2) Run spirit offering, which not only hands them resists but gives them a very beefy shield. Bone is great, requires much more setup and doesn't help with Beam or degen.

3) Min and Totem Elem resistance which is also half a DPS gem anyway. Bear in mind that poe currency purchase is important for you.

4) Necroaegis and The Oak shield, you can just swap when they're low and they're impossible to let die.

5) Learn the fight and DPS windows, Convocate during Beams to pull them out plus burst DPS.

6) Put on Secutor and grab those nodes, they really go a long way as Specs have HUGE HP pools (TVs not so).

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