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In Path of Exile, most of players may want to know that is a piscatos ele wander a good league starter? Every guide says barrage needs some more projectiles to get a real bosskiller, dying sun and helm enchant costs a shitton of currency. Should you search something else what might be cheaper?

On a budget decoy totem is a better bosser than barrage. Bring the boss close to a wall, then KB it to death. If you're fighting a boss that has too long melee range for the totem to kite it close enough to the wall, use the patented 2-step totem placement.

For ranged bosses you can hide the totem behind obstacles to make them reposition in a helpful manner. In the Doedre fight with the curse totems, for example, you can put your decoy totem behind one of the curse totems and Doedre will get right up against the wall to fire at it. Use a psuedo-5l barrage to deal with rares in the open, or make a knockback barrage link for utility.

As you get more currency, buy more abyss uniques with more sockets and roll yourself some better abyss jewels, or you can buy poe currency cheap on U4GM, ilvl76+ ones are honestly good enough on a budget, and either chaos spamming or alt-regaling will yield good results for cheaper than buying them.

Flat ele rolls are your highest priority. When your damage is good enough for it, switch your kb over to your psuedo-5/6l and put barrage in your chest. Dying sun is a massive upgrade, but you can do a lot of content without it.

You can KB from level 28 with wrath or anger + herald of ice, on a kb+lmp+wed+ice bite/added cold/added lightning link. Roll carved wands with essence of anger/wrath/hatred. A unique that adds flat ele to attacks like prismweave, ondar's clasp, or wake of destruction helps massively.

Next priority is scaling movement speed, since you won't have a good repeatable movement skill. If you want to go fast this won't be as good as leveling with something like frostblades and a good movement skill, but if you just want to play your build from early on and laugh as kb blows up screens of mobs it's not bad. Good luck to you.