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Todo el mundo

In Path of Exile, what we can see today is that when the PoE starts there was a lot of people playing HC much more than SC. Nowadays situation completely opposite. More and more people going to play only SC leagues.

Because HC becomes closer and closer to SSF league. There is nothing that can interest people to start and start new characters in HC. I think we need something that would differ HC and SC prizes. And the differences could be in anything. There is my example: skins for sets, items, skills and other effects can be in 2 variations:

1) The skin as it is.

2) Advanced style of the skin (more shining, glowing or anything else that makes it look more in style).

Those 2 variations can be good for both types of players. If you want to risk or believe in yourself you can start and doing your achievements on HC. If you don't want to risk you can firstly start at SC and got prizes there and after that go to HC for alternative style. That's only 1 small idea, not the decision of the problem.

And there is one more thing about HC that I wanted to say. The game got a lot of changes from the start. And previously it was only mapping thing for both types of leagues. Nowadays it much more complicated thing with a lot of endgame content (Uber Lab, Uber Atziri, Shaper, Elder).

And if you want to play endgame content in HC you have to play only one (or probably two) metabuild. For example, now it's RF juggernaut (or guardian). And if you trying to make any interesting dps build. One of my own build examples: Frostblades with full cold conversion. When I was making this build in PoB I got a problem finished build with all needed dps nodes or drop most part of dps to get 210% increase HP because of HC.

Made lower HP build, it was very very fun to play but it wasn't for HC and of course I died after some time of endgame mapping. We need something that would differ HC and SC (not much but it should be). May be couple more skill points, or any expensive (here can be not only currency side, but also end-game mapping) craft abilities that help to make better items.

And one more thing. Game getting more and more bosses that have stages like Shakari, Queen of the Sands. That's so bad for HC when you made a good geared character, spent tons of exalts and chaos for that, also get 95+ level and you have to run and wait those stages on boss, and can't burst him with dps. When you playing HC you always trying to kill any hard boss as fast as possible to minimize chances to be killed. And with such mechanics you can't do this.

It was only my thought about HC. Someone have better ideas, welcome your message. Meanwhile, don't forget to keep an eye on PoE Power Leveling.