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Alkaline Refractories 
Alkaline refractory material is available for high temperature calcination,also has superior chemical resistance property, which is a main material for cement kiln to keep high production quality, high yield, low consumption and long-term safe operation. Currently main material for cement kilns include direct-bondedmagnesiachrome brick, semi-direct bonded magnesiachrome brick, ordinarymagnesia chrome brick , dolomite brick, zirconium and zirconium-free special magnesite brick, spinel brick and chemically bonded unburned magnesia chrome brick.

Bricksproperties are listed as follows:

High alumina brick 
High alumina brick has high compressive strength, high refractoriness under load and good thermal shock resistance. Because of its low cost with high quality, it is widely used in varietiesof cement kilns. When to be used in arch crown, calcined alumina brick is better. 
High alumina bricks suitable for cement kilns includephosphate bonded alumina brick, phosphate bonded high alumina wear-resistant brick, anti-stripping alumina brick, chemically bound (special) alumina brick and general alumina brick and so on. 

Alkali Brick Series 
Alkali brick has excellent alkali corrosion performance, under certain conditions, it will react with the alkali compound kiln materials and kiln gas, rapidlyforming enclosed type dense protective enamel layer on the turn, preventingthe continuing internal mixing and bricks "base crack ", which is a indispensable kiln lining material in NSP kiln. This series bricks include ordinary alkali-resistant brick, high-strength alkali-resistant brick, insulation alkali-resistant brick and arch type alkali-resistant brick.

Series refractory castables 
Refractory castables can be produced with simple production process, which is flexible and convenient to be used in the cement kiln system. It has become increasingly common to be applied in the complex structure of cement kiln preheater system. Refractory castables suitable for cement kiln mainly include corundum castable, high alumina castable, alkali-resistant castablesand lightweight castable.

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High Alumina Brick