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The MapleStory 2 English announcement may be coming really soon, when the rumors turn out to get true – in four days, if the first-ever MapleStory Fest takes place in Los Angeles, California.
A 7 days ago Nexon America discreetly says they are the truth is working on several games, just by the job offer to get a Localization Coordinator. Part from the offer is telling:
“The Localization Coordinator work with Maplestory M Mesos our in-house Localization Team and our external partners in the rapidly changing environment so that the quality of your large number of Nexon America’s games for our audience. His or her responsibilities will probably be, but are not on a, translating and proofreading game content, web posts, and also other game related documents in addition to ensuring that linguistic quality adheres to your high standards and guidelines.”
So, it could possibly be MapleStory 2 and also other games that are from the works, probably in South Korea. That reminds me of Peria Chronicles, but I won't hold my breath since it is been a while that any of us've had news from that game.
Anyway, I would claim that Cheap Maplestory M Mesos is actually coming to your west, and even though the announcement would employ a big impact in the MapleStory Fest, for some that Nexon isn't about to reveal the action later in 2010. We'll know inside a few days.

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