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Todo el mundo

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a problem, especially when it comes to its esports ambitions: The game is too big. Too many players, too wide a map, too many split focuses, and arguably too long a period of tension building and maneuvering before the action starts in earnest. The game’s first two maps, Erangel and Miramar, are 8 km by 8 km, which helps support these long games of maneuvering, exploring and Fortnite Items constantly moving. The game’s third map bucks that trend, and measures a humble 4 km by 4 km.
With a new map comes the intrigue of knowing we’ll be getting fun new toys and backdrops for our struggles to earn that chicken dinner — Erangel and Miramar both boast their own selection of cars, for instance, and Miramar’s dense urban centers contrast with Erangel’s clusters of apartments and Fortnite Traps smaller buildings. What’s most intriguing is the fact that every player on this new map is going to be much closer to each other. Add in the inevitable hot zones that are stuffed with loot, like the military base or police station, and it’s easy to imagine the chaos that will result.