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2016 is coming into a close, and it's really been another huge year for that mobile games industry.
Many in the top grossers may nevertheless be the same in principle as in 2015, but there were some huge breakthrough hits, including including Clash Royale, Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run, to mention a but a couple of.
Mobile eSports is steadily becoming Madden NFL Overdrive Coins bigger, big brands are responsible for even bigger waves on mobile, subscription-based gaming is determined to grow within the App Store and Google Play, and several more trends have emerged within the industry.
The biggest thing on my own mind (and lots of others' minds) could be the issue of market saturation. Here would be the rough numbers for the amount of games happen to be submitted towards the App Store every year:
Every passing year can make it just a little bit better to build a game title and bring it to offer. And because mobile games are notoriously small in scope, it's really a popular platform for first-time game developers.

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