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Who Was There: Damion Schubert, BioWare's lead systems designer for the upcoming massively multiplayer adventure Star Wars The Old Republic.    What They Talked About: Schubert's talk, titled "The Loner," looked in the various reasons players would want to experiment with alone in massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Schubert said hello's a question that was asked increasingly within the MMO SWTOR Credits community recently, with all the conventional wisdom being that MMORPGs were exclusively for those prepared to group web-sites.    Ironically, some MMORPG players just want to get left alone.    Schubert said the philosophy was ingrained anytime he labored on Shadowbane, players who reached level 25 might have a big gray shield appear over their heads that told everyone else inside world, "Yes, please come and kill me. I have no friends which will come to my aid." That has shifted inside the last several years, Schubert said, pointing to World of Warcraft and Free SWTOR Credits Buy Realms as two games that contain fostered solo play inside MMO field.    There will still be multiplayer evangelists, Schubert said, who have a look at those who want to try out alone as weird scary types, "like serial killers or that No Country for Old Men guy." Instead, he was quoted saying developers should look for the solo players as by using a more compelling archetype, such as the Lone Ranger, at which someone from the audience remarked that the Lone Ranger had Tonto.     
"Shut the hell up," Schubert good-naturedly retorted.

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