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The open-world Star Wars game in development at EA Vancouver has become canceled. That's according to a whole new report from Kotaku that credits the info to three sources who reportedly have inside knowledge on the matter. [Update] Additional sources have told Kotaku how the open-world Star Wars project may be canceled in favour of an smaller-scale title which might be released sooner. Subsequently, EA has issued a statement SWTOR Credits through which it doesn't deny canceling the overall game.[Original story] According on the report, EA Vancouver's Star Wars title would be a "reboot" in the Star Wars project that Visceral Games was focusing on until EA closed that studio in 2017. EA Vancouver continued make use of some in the assets from Visceral's game, but transitioned the title to get an open-world experience, Kotaku reported.
Executive Patrick Soderlund, who's got since left EA, previously confirmed that Visceral's Star Wars game would have been a "story-based, linear adventure game." However, answering and adjusting market trends and SWTOR Credits EU player feedback, EA chose to "pivot" the style to allow it to become a title that players could "come back in and enjoy for a period of time to come," which suggested it had been becoming more multiplayer-focused. At the identical time, Soderlund announced that EA Vancouver would lead development within this title and which it was also delayed. Now, it really is canceled outright, apparently.The Star Wars game Visceral been on development was being headed up by Uncharted veteran Amy Hennig. She said it might be "spiritually similar" to Uncharted but which it will be its own thing. Hennig has since left EA altogether.

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