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Todo el mundo

With a different Star Wars movie wanting to soar into theaters comes new planets with the franchise for more information on. In the most up-to-date Star Wars: The Last Jedi featurette, director Rian Johnson along with the movie's cast take fans behind the scenes with the film while they create new worlds."The first conversations you might have are always as to what makes something sense that Star Wars," Johnson says since the movie's massive sets are unveiled. John Boyega (Finn) admits, "It makes me sense that I'm on SWTOR Credits another planet."Searching out these otherworldly places took the assembly team about the world. Croatia stood looking for new planet Canto Bight, while salt flats in Bolivia were utilized to film scenes set for the planet Crait--the location of the major battle in The Last Jedi.
The bright red smoke spewing from fighters since they speed across a white colored plain creates a really striking look to the film. It shows the task Johnson has place in to not only making a superb Star Wars film, but one that's true to his personal visual style.It's not new locations for The Last Jedi, though. The film also returns to Ahch-To, our planet where Luke Skywalker was revealed to are already living in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
That sent the cast and crew back towards the island is Skellig Michael in Ireland. For Johnson, as soon as was special almost SWTOR Credits for sale like allowed him to film scenes with one of his fictional heroes. "It's great to put Luke Skywalker in front of any camera," he admits that."You've never witnessed anything this way," Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) says. "There's only this magical feeling you will get and you're transported completely to another world."Star Wars: The Last Jedi is at theaters on December 15. You can read our The Last Jedi review for much more.