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de james bonds - jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015, 03:38
Todo el mundo

I'm unbelievably good at finishing. I did the advanced shooting drill a ton, learned the optimal shots for every angle, and I never really get anxious in one on ones.

If I see one of those posts about 20,000k Fifa coins and losing 2-1 I get annoyed because it is down to them not taking smart shots, not knowing how to shoot, or playing on assisted shooting. People need to learn how to be patient and how to shoot and they would never have that happen.

I'm very good at defending, ok at passing, but my finishing is the thing that really separates me from my opponents. In division 1 you likely won't have as many chances considering most of the defenses are either super tots squads or pacey assholes with Kyle Walker, Ramires and Koscielny. You have to put every chance away.

Oh my god i die laughing when I win a game like 3-1 and have 5 shots and my opponent has 15, and they send a rage message about scripting or some bullshit.

They act like every shot within 25 yards should be guaranteed, when they are aiming right at my keepers chest, taking shots with weak foots, and shooting from stupid angles.

Shooting is probably the least talked about thing in the Fifa community in terms of tips and tricks. No one seems to go super in depth with it aside from people doing long shot tutorials. A truly comprehensive shooting guide would probably be massive (and change every year since every year has a different op shot).

It's probably a bit too late in the year for it now, but would have been handy 7 months ago xD

One of the prime examples for me was ItsFangs. She used to be (and still is at times) horrendous inside the box. Not even aiming the shots, not understanding how relevant power is, not appreciating that different angles require different shot types. I showed her a few things, and instantly she was a better player. Of course there will be times where even if you do everything "right" - you'll still just have one of your games, but learning to shoot will improve your win loss ratio massively in this game

I've managed to stay in D1 for a max of like 3 seasons, and what kept me there was finding a squad that worked really well to my playstyle and went with Fifa 16 coins ps4. Eventually I wanted to switch it up and also took like a 2 week break for vacation, and when I came back, I went back to D3 in a few days, mainly because I changed squads and playstyle.