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Just know to choose the wedding dress according to the body characteristics, then the wedding dresses could bring out your extraordinary temperament as a brilliant star!

First,a tall, slim bride
Proper width round collar and high collar are all the best body modification, while the A-line wedding dresses can make more sense of the curve.And,with a bit of a thickness fabric and colorful pattern inlaid, can make you more charming.

Recommendation: choose a round or large necklaces and headdress, do not select the slender, sparkling accessories, more dazzling highlights your charming gentle style.

a line wedding wears
A line wedding wears

Second, a little chubby bride
A simple wedding dresses is more suitable for you.Also ,the ball gown wedding dresses with simple line also is a good choice.Besides, choose some suitable accessories to attract the other's attention,so that to ignore your hubby body.
Recommended: neat hair is your best choice.

Third, the bride with coarse arm
Coarse arm of the bride, you can not use diet to solve this problem.Of course, exercise can improve a little better.When choosing wedding gowns,you have to avoid selecting too heavy ground fabric and sleeveless wedding dress.

tulle wedding gowns
tulle wedding gowns

Recommended: possible use beautiful jewelry or scarves to divert attention.And you can put down your hair to modify your arms.

Fourth, shoulder wide bride
If you have a broad shoulders, you can wearing a strables bridal wears to strike a balance.Or choose a column bridal gown to longer your body.Besides,a wedding gowns with some nice decoration on the shoulder is also a nice choice for you.

column wedding gowns

Recommended:Because of broad shoulders,you could select a long necklace instead of a short necklace,that will be more suitable.