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Buttons are the most important tying of clothes.With the current update,more and more clothes was idled in the closet, while the buttons on the clothes out along been unnoticed. In fact, we can collect that buttun and make them into different decorations.In another aspact, this is a beauty of recycling . So today, I come to introduce several DIY holding flowers made of buttons!

DIY button holding flowers first

The color of this button holding flower is pale blue-gray with white.It gives us a low-key sense of luxury, but very delicate. In the middle of it,there is some small champagne cloth flowers.With this cloth flowers,the holding flowers is more elegant and noble.

sliver holding flowers

DIY button holding flowers second

The main color of this bunch button holding flower is white.With a variety of button, holding flowers looks very beautiful and lovely.Pink and dark blue ribbon tied in the handle gave it a kind of aesthetic, romantic feeling.

ivory holding flowers

DIY button holding flowers third

This bunch button holding flowers is rather special.Because,its shape like a flower blooming.The red, pale pink and pale blue button make it look beautiful and simple.This style holding flowers are more suitable for temperament and lively young bride.

blooming holding flowers

DIY button holding flowers fourth

This red holding flowers is very bright button holding flowers,just like roses, gives a warm, romantic feeling to us. The holding paper silver butterflies is also decorated by origami butterfly.Appeals to the full imagination.

red holding flowers

DIY button holding flowers fifth

This purple holding flowers reveals a romantic atmosphere.Exquisite, compact size,Make people can't help to love it.While the white ribbon at Tori also adds a bouquet of noble feeling of it.

purple holding flowers

So do you love this lovingly crafted DIY button holding flowers? Just to make one!


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