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(A)Small cathedral
Chapel-style bridal veil will 2.5yard length from your head counting. Along cover off your dress on your wedding. This kind of veil for more formal wedding, or as A method of increasing your skirt drag way.
bridal viel

(B)The vine pull type Timor
This Spanish-style bridal veil could hang in the head, and it is often made of lace. This bridal veil length can adjust and it does not need to be fixed with the scalp.This bridal veil can increase your feature race.
bridal veil 2

(C) Waltz
This long bridal veil extends from your head to your ankle. This waltz bridal veil is a good choice for those who want to take a long drag and wedding dresses without trailing .
bridal veil 3

(D) Double layers veil
Double layers bridal veil has two layers whose length is different.Because of double layers bridal veil is often larger than the single-layer bridal veil of space, so make sure do not let it take away the charm overall look of your wedding gowns.

bridal veil 4

(E)Cubits long formula
Elbow length style bridal veil is a very popular bridal veil. So It is not particularly suitable for a formal wedding because it can play a bridal veil relatively elegant effect, but will not overshadowed by the bride or the wedding light.

bridal veil 5

(F)Finger length bridal veil
This length bridal veil means that when your hands hang naturally the veil could just to go to the fingertip position. This is also a very common bridal veil length, so it can match most of wedding, from the simple elegant barrel wedding dresses, to elegant ball-style wedding.

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