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Each girl has a dream of his own wedding, wedding wear that moment, is the most beautiful moment of happiness, the election of the wedding will make your wedding better. So how to choose a set of their satisfaction with the wedding it? With a look!
1,The choice of wedding colors:
Choice of wedding colors should be determined according to the bride's complexion.Bride with deep yellow  skin  wearing a white wedding dress will look dull.An ivory bridal dress would be more harmonious.And,pink blue,pink purple are all not suitable for yellow shins.Besides,pink orange, light green could well match with yellowish skins.Rosy or bronze skin bride would look great wearing white bridal dresses.Especially the latter, it would emerge an honor different from others.
2. Select the wedding dress style:
Tall girl, you can choose a traditional style ,it also looks elegant.Short stature are advised to choose a ball gown wedding dresses of tea length, or ankle length wedding dress with A-line. As for brides who has full confidence about their the legs,you can try a miniskirt or knee length bridal dress.One white pants sets also could highlight your personal style.
3,The choice of wedding petticoat:
No matter the size of the wedding dresses ,a petticoat is needed.But which petticoat should be choose is basid on the material and style of the wedding dress and your body. Do not choose a heavy petticoat coupled with a heavy wedding dress. Wedding hem feeling kind of shaky, can fully show your body.
4. Select the wedding dress fabric:
After the steps above,you can already select your satisfied wedding dresses.But the most important thing is to be comfortable wearing it.So,choose a  right bridal fabrics is also important.Common wedding fabrics are lace ,satin,chiffon,and silk.But the key of distinguishing a good material is the shiny and smooth- feel of the fabrics.
After the end of all the steps above, congratulations you have selected your own suitable wedding dress.At last and the most important,you have to try it on to decide weather it the most suitable one.If not,take it into change, until the appropriate size.