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Shoot a  creative photo is always a very difficult thing. It is very annoying to have a "group photo" with their bridesmaid groups.Here are several tis for you to get beautiful photos.
1,Become the focus of the photo
A top priority in your life, no one can cover your light.So,let every bridesmaids to be your assitants, you're the focus of the world today.Adding a number of bridesmaids' surprised face when seeing you.Now you are the most beautiful one!There are three ways in the figure you can try.Whether as a bride in the mirror, or walk from the bridesmaid group cheers,these creative wedding photos will be your best highlights of memory.
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to be the protagonist of your wedding 
2,Integrated with the bridesmaids
Each bridesmaid you invite are all the best girlfriends in your life ,just enjoy this time with them! Crowding around bridesmaids sort out wedding dresses for you, or sitting by the window, together with girlfriends memories of the original green years. Just let your photographer to record it all, does not deliberately contrived to put action, perhaps only real outpouring of emotion was even more cherished.
3,Scenery of back
It is time to show a good figure! You do not need to shoot too sexy figure, just to be natural. Bridesmaids and bride mutual support together by arms, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Possible feelings between the girls, more delicate innocence. Turned backwards to shoot wedding photos, but also a great opportunity to highlight the charm of the bride, the wind flowing light Tousha, it will be attracted everyone's attention.
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4,High up with your bridesmaid dresses!
Try your best to high up in this great time.Why not playing together with your girlfriends.Either in bed or the bathtub, or dressed in a bathrobe, these are all together "committed two" good locations. We do beautiful picture, just be happy.
high time with bridesmaid