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de vivian2 vivian2 - martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015, 06:21
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pink wedding dresses of Monique Lhuillier

lace wedding dresses 

ball gown wedding dress

In anticipation for the new Fall 2016 collections about to come out after Bridal Fashion Week we thought we’d make an appreciation post of all the Spring 2016 wedding dresses that caught our eyes.

Top of the list is Monique Lhuillier’s Spring 2016 Bridal Collection - the blush overtones have never looked so romantic. We especially love the asymmetry cut of the first skirt, it adds a touch of modernity and volume to the dress without being overwhelming. The beaded bodies and transparencies lighten to overall look to make this one of our favorites of S/S 2016.

Angel Sanchez also designed a beautiful, ethereal collection that was both whimsical and very modern. The cuts played with architectural symmetry and at times reminded us of the the art of paper folding in Japan, origami.

Classic designers like Pronovias and Rosa Clara always deliver a stock of dresses that we love. So have a gander and let us know what your favorite dresses from Spring 2016 were in the comments below!

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de vivian2 vivian2 - lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015, 16:20
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Dress is not the stars' exclusive terms, and it is silently into our reality lives, and with the development of society, dresses attrct more and more attention. All kinds of parties, dinners, balls are inseparable its shadow. Whether banquet or party,if you want to stand out in a number of banquet contestants in the limelight of the star, a good dress is essential, so the selection of dresses used on different occasions became compulsory lesson .Let's learn how to pick the right dress! Super fairy dress, skirt-like flowers with the nice nude pink is very interesting.People wearing it are like a budding flower, Enchanting. Wearing a Greek formal dress( ),make you become a shining star whether to attend the banquet or party can instantly ! Excellent dress reveals slightly sexy with the v-neck design.And the slim waist dress pants wrap a charming exquisite curve, so that you become glamorous banquet. Very chic design little dress with half silk and half satin and pleated design of lower body brings a little bit of playful a pearl necklace give us sense of luxury. Want to be a goddess in dinner,a full range of this fairy dress gown would certainly not miss.Chiffon material is endless elegance, as the ancient Greek goddess makes a memorable destination!
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de vivian2 vivian2 - jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2015, 09:43
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Cute little white flower girl dress, dotted with flowers or Ye butterflies are all filling with the innocent. Such a small flower girl is like an angel came to mortal and reach the wedding to  sent the purest blessing for new couple!
Artistic Spaghetti Straps Ball-gown Floor-length Flower Girl Dress In Canberra
Little flower girl, not the little girl's patent.Little boy with a suit also can be the flower boy.They are so handsome and Moe! Green broadband under the white tulle dresses  with white stockings and white shoes, how cute it is! The wedding  would be more perfect with the flower girls'attend.
flower boy and girls in wedding
flower boy and girls in wedding
Flower girl dresses in pink is appropriate benefits.Giving everyone an illusion,because it is simmilar with the  bridal gowns .However,it could make more people looking forward to the emergence of the bride.
Delightful Jewel A-line Floor-length Pink Tone Flower Girl Dress
Lovely flower girl is a member of the bridesmaid.During the wedding,they would  follow the bride slavishly , send a naturally wishes.
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de vivian2 vivian2 - lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2015, 09:10
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We have some VERY EXCITING NEWS to share today! We’ve teamed up with one of our designers, Bari Jay, to collaborate on a Pinterest competition. That’s right, you and your bridesmaids have a chance to ‘Repin to Win’ a VIP shopping experience at your local Bella Bridesmaids, and receive 20% off your Bari Jay dresses!

In honor of the Pinterest competition launching today, we sat down with the two head designers, Chimere and Marteal, to discuss trends, fabrics, styles, and why you should love Bari Jay just as much as they do!

Tell us all about Bari Jay! What is the brand essence?
At Bari Jay, we concentrate on making pieces that flatter all women, and make them feel confident and beautiful on their best friend’s wedding day. We also think about the option to “wear it again.” We want you to love every piece for its quality and styling but also because you can wear it well after the wedding. We design the styles to be both current and relevant seasons after the wedding.

Who is the Bari Jay bride?
She’s fun and fashion forward, but not overly trendy. We have made pieces that reflect current trends in bridal, but are still classic, and most importantly, won’t force a bride to go over-budget!

bridesmaid dresses of different colors

What was the inspiration for the latest collection?
We are known for our Chiffons, but this season we were inspired by Metallics and Lace. Style-wise, we set out to offer the classic Bari Jay look, updated with statement backs and slimming silhouettes.

Can you give us a sneak peek of the next collection? What can we expect from Bari Jay?
Styles that are easy to wear if you’re a size 6 or 16. Each piece will be both figure flattering and comfortable.

The mix and match look is a major trend right now! How would you recommend styling Bari Jay dresses to achieve this look?
We recommend starting with color and tones. Once a bride has her color story, she can select styles that have different silhouettes and necklines for her bridal party. We design with this idea in mind, and for example, we have styles BC-1606, 1609, and EN-1627. These dresses work well together in 3 different fabrics and come in similar colors. We have also added Sequins to the mix. Styles 1601, 1613 and EN-1626 work beautifully together in colors Shadow and Steel.


light blue bridesmaid gowns

What are your favorite styles of the moment?

This season our favorites are 1601, 1609, 1612, and 1631


Tell us about the design process at Bari Jay. How do you get from an idea to the finished product?
We do a lot of research and sketching. We start with a design concept and then begin sketching. For Spring 2016, our design concept was texture and statement backs. We pick the best sketches and make samples. When the samples are delivered to the office, we have a mini-fashion show so we can pick the best samples for the collection and then have a photo shoot.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Chimere: I love the entire process, but this season my favorite part was the photo shoot, that’s where the dresses really come alive.
Marteal: My favorite part is seeing pictures of our real brides and bridal parties. It’s a great feeling to see your work chosen for a bride’s special day!


watermelon bridesmaid dresses with lace ivory wedding dresses

What is the most challenging?
Chimere: Cancelling dresses. I love them all so it’s hard to get rid of dresses that we’ve been working on!
Marteal: For me, I would say the most challenging part is balancing new trends with classic wedding looks, so our collections are always new with just a little something different.

Any advice for brides and bridesmaids when they are shopping for the perfect dress?
Chimere: Have Fun and we hope you love Bari Jay as much as we do!
Marteal: Definitely what Chimere says, and also to not take it all too seriously! It’s easy for the bride to get overwhelmed but dress shopping with you girlfriends and family should be totally fun and stress-free!

purple bridesmaid dress

purple bridesmaid dresses

Be sure to check out our Bari Jay Pinterest Competition starting TODAY through September 23rd! Repin to win a VIP shopping experience at your local Bella Bridesmaids including champagne and sweet treats, plus 20% off your Bari Jay bridesmaids dress order! GOOD LUCK!


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de vivian2 vivian2 - viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015, 06:21
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Congratulations! It all just happened and you can’t stop staring at the pretty new piece on that ring finger of yours! But now that you’ve proclaimed “YES,” who do you tell the good news to first? Friends and family need to know before that Facebook post goes up so check out all the options for who to show that sparkler to pronto!



Be prepared for happy tears and hugs galore from the number one lady in your life. Talks of dress shopping will begin promptly, but not before she starts making calls to all her friends; believe me, mom’s love engagement news more than anyone.


You wouldn’t have found your fiance if it wasn’t for your father showing you what it really means to be a gentleman. Share the news with him and he’ll already start prepping of the emotional father-daughter dance.


Sisters may be more appreciative of the diamond but we guarantee your brothers are pretty excited as well. They’re getting a new sister or brother and can’t wait to celebrate!


who will you choose to help you to purchase a suitable bridesmaid dresses,for example,watermelon bridesmaid dresses


It’s bound to get sentimental when Nana and Gramps hear the news so make sure to find a special time to do just that, whether they’re first or shortly after.


She’s been waiting to celebrate ever since she knew he was “the one” for you and she’s bound to be your companion for many wedding planning adventures ahead,such purchase wedding gowns and suitable bridesmaid dresses. so share the good news before she hears it from anyone else!

So tell us – who did you tell your exciting news to first?


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