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Shoot a  creative photo is always a very difficult thing. It is very annoying to have a "group photo" with their bridesmaid groups.Here are several tis for you to get beautiful photos.
1,Become the focus of the photo
A top priority in your life, no one can cover your light.So,let every bridesmaids to be your assitants, you're the focus of the world today.Adding a number of bridesmaids' surprised face when seeing you.Now you are the most beautiful one!There are three ways in the figure you can try.Whether as a bride in the mirror, or walk from the bridesmaid group cheers,these creative wedding photos will be your best highlights of memory.
wedding dresses with different bridesmaid dresses
to be the protagonist of your wedding 
2,Integrated with the bridesmaids
Each bridesmaid you invite are all the best girlfriends in your life ,just enjoy this time with them! Crowding around bridesmaids sort out wedding dresses for you, or sitting by the window, together with girlfriends memories of the original green years. Just let your photographer to record it all, does not deliberately contrived to put action, perhaps only real outpouring of emotion was even more cherished.
3,Scenery of back
It is time to show a good figure! You do not need to shoot too sexy figure, just to be natural. Bridesmaids and bride mutual support together by arms, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Possible feelings between the girls, more delicate innocence. Turned backwards to shoot wedding photos, but also a great opportunity to highlight the charm of the bride, the wind flowing light Tousha, it will be attracted everyone's attention.
colorful bridesmaid dresses/mint bridesmaid dresses/light pink bridesmaid dresses/navy bridesmaid dresses
4,High up with your bridesmaid dresses!
Try your best to high up in this great time.Why not playing together with your girlfriends.Either in bed or the bathtub, or dressed in a bathrobe, these are all together "committed two" good locations. We do beautiful picture, just be happy.
high time with bridesmaid 


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    If you’re on the lookout for a fall vibe and bright colors, this is your look book. What’s neat about this jewel-toned wedding editorial Magnolia Studios shot isn’t just that it’s one bold and beautiful design choice after another (a sequin dress and white pantsuit? Yes please). But that those choices are set deep in the Ontario woods, making for *the* most striking contrast. Take a peek…


    gold gown
    This gold Ralph Lauren gown is a stunner, right? Wait till you see the next look…

    white suit with flowers

    wedding elements

    Lush, wild, and natural blooms in a myriad of jewel tones were complemented by the glow of magenta and grey tapers in antique brass candlesticks and blush pillar candles perched atop hand-carved mahogany candlesticks. The place settings featured vintage brass charger plates, plum dinnerware, an eclectic mix of vintage coloured glassware, and individual bottles of champagne enveloped in custom labels.


    In case you didn’t already want to jump into this photo: the cake is salted caramel buttercream with meringue mushrooms.

    Great work, team! Cakies, if you’re looking for Ontario vendors, check out the links below…

    Photographer: Magnolia Studios / Location: Muskoka, Ontario / Creative Director, Décor, & Furniture Rentals: Lucy Myers Events / Florals: Tanya List Designs / Hair: The Hudson Hair Salon / Makeup: Spa Muskoka / Paper Goods: Paper Peony Design / Cake: Frangipane / Dress: Ralph Lauren from The Bay / White Pant Suit: Mendocino / Jewelry: Hattitude Jewels / Wedding Rings: Alexis Gallery / Models: Kendall & Therese Adams


    BHLDN interpretated an autumn-dream




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      Each girl has a dream of his own wedding, wedding wear that moment, is the most beautiful moment of happiness, the election of the wedding will make your wedding better. So how to choose a set of their satisfaction with the wedding it? With a look!
      1,The choice of wedding colors:
      Choice of wedding colors should be determined according to the bride's complexion.Bride with deep yellow  skin  wearing a white wedding dress will look dull.An ivory bridal dress would be more harmonious.And,pink blue,pink purple are all not suitable for yellow shins.Besides,pink orange, light green could well match with yellowish skins.Rosy or bronze skin bride would look great wearing white bridal dresses.Especially the latter, it would emerge an honor different from others.
      2. Select the wedding dress style:
      Tall girl, you can choose a traditional style ,it also looks elegant.Short stature are advised to choose a ball gown wedding dresses of tea length, or ankle length wedding dress with A-line. As for brides who has full confidence about their the legs,you can try a miniskirt or knee length bridal dress.One white pants sets also could highlight your personal style.
      3,The choice of wedding petticoat:
      No matter the size of the wedding dresses ,a petticoat is needed.But which petticoat should be choose is basid on the material and style of the wedding dress and your body. Do not choose a heavy petticoat coupled with a heavy wedding dress. Wedding hem feeling kind of shaky, can fully show your body.
      4. Select the wedding dress fabric:
      After the steps above,you can already select your satisfied wedding dresses.But the most important thing is to be comfortable wearing it.So,choose a  right bridal fabrics is also important.Common wedding fabrics are lace ,satin,chiffon,and silk.But the key of distinguishing a good material is the shiny and smooth- feel of the fabrics.
      After the end of all the steps above, congratulations you have selected your own suitable wedding dress.At last and the most important,you have to try it on to decide weather it the most suitable one.If not,take it into change, until the appropriate size.


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        (A)Small cathedral
        Chapel-style bridal veil will 2.5yard length from your head counting. Along cover off your dress on your wedding. This kind of veil for more formal wedding, or as A method of increasing your skirt drag way.
        bridal viel

        (B)The vine pull type Timor
        This Spanish-style bridal veil could hang in the head, and it is often made of lace. This bridal veil length can adjust and it does not need to be fixed with the scalp.This bridal veil can increase your feature race.
        bridal veil 2

        (C) Waltz
        This long bridal veil extends from your head to your ankle. This waltz bridal veil is a good choice for those who want to take a long drag and wedding dresses without trailing .
        bridal veil 3

        (D) Double layers veil
        Double layers bridal veil has two layers whose length is different.Because of double layers bridal veil is often larger than the single-layer bridal veil of space, so make sure do not let it take away the charm overall look of your wedding gowns.

        bridal veil 4

        (E)Cubits long formula
        Elbow length style bridal veil is a very popular bridal veil. So It is not particularly suitable for a formal wedding because it can play a bridal veil relatively elegant effect, but will not overshadowed by the bride or the wedding light.

        bridal veil 5

        (F)Finger length bridal veil
        This length bridal veil means that when your hands hang naturally the veil could just to go to the fingertip position. This is also a very common bridal veil length, so it can match most of wedding, from the simple elegant barrel wedding dresses, to elegant ball-style wedding.

        Article about wedding :

        Top four fresh colors of bridesmaid dresses



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          Buttons are the most important tying of clothes.With the current update,more and more clothes was idled in the closet, while the buttons on the clothes out along been unnoticed. In fact, we can collect that buttun and make them into different decorations.In another aspact, this is a beauty of recycling . So today, I come to introduce several DIY holding flowers made of buttons!

          DIY button holding flowers first

          The color of this button holding flower is pale blue-gray with white.It gives us a low-key sense of luxury, but very delicate. In the middle of it,there is some small champagne cloth flowers.With this cloth flowers,the holding flowers is more elegant and noble.

          sliver holding flowers

          DIY button holding flowers second

          The main color of this bunch button holding flower is white.With a variety of button, holding flowers looks very beautiful and lovely.Pink and dark blue ribbon tied in the handle gave it a kind of aesthetic, romantic feeling.

          ivory holding flowers

          DIY button holding flowers third

          This bunch button holding flowers is rather special.Because,its shape like a flower blooming.The red, pale pink and pale blue button make it look beautiful and simple.This style holding flowers are more suitable for temperament and lively young bride.

          blooming holding flowers

          DIY button holding flowers fourth

          This red holding flowers is very bright button holding flowers,just like roses, gives a warm, romantic feeling to us. The holding paper silver butterflies is also decorated by origami butterfly.Appeals to the full imagination.

          red holding flowers

          DIY button holding flowers fifth

          This purple holding flowers reveals a romantic atmosphere.Exquisite, compact size,Make people can't help to love it.While the white ribbon at Tori also adds a bouquet of noble feeling of it.

          purple holding flowers

          So do you love this lovingly crafted DIY button holding flowers? Just to make one!


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            Evening dress

            Evening dresses originate in the West social activities, are wearing in the formal gathering in the evening, the ceremony, the ceremony wearing ceremonial clothing.And it is pursuit of elegant and drape fabrics.And black is the main color. Evening dress has different styles, Western-style evening dresses is sexy in ling floor length.While Chinese-style evening dress is elegant. And evening dress should be match with exaggerated make up to highlighting the characteristics of women.

            long evening dresses
            long evening dresses

            Mini dress

            Is the dresses used in official party in the evening ,cocktail or ceremony, the ceremony wearing ceremonial clothing.The length of the dress is the tea length.These kind evening dresses and cocktail dresses are suitable for young women.It is best for you to choose simple and smooth style accessories to match with the small dress to perform the echo of dresses.

            Purple Cocktail Dresses
                                                                       Purple Cocktail Dresses

             Wedding Dress

            Wedding dresses is used for wedding.This kind of dresses should be joyous to celebrate the happy time.There are also many several style of it,like princess ,simple,bohemian bridal dresses .Also ,there are many colors of it.Coloured wedding gowns make the brides more individuality.Faced with colorful dress, you have dazzled it! How to choose the most suitable for you that one do? Princess type, skirt type, personal type or queen type? Is a soft romantic silk satin or lace fabric? Where should you start, pay attention to what the problem?

            red wedding dresses

                                                                                                 red wedding dresses


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              Just know to choose the wedding dress according to the body characteristics, then the wedding dresses could bring out your extraordinary temperament as a brilliant star!

              First,a tall, slim bride
              Proper width round collar and high collar are all the best body modification, while the A-line wedding dresses can make more sense of the curve.And,with a bit of a thickness fabric and colorful pattern inlaid, can make you more charming.

              Recommendation: choose a round or large necklaces and headdress, do not select the slender, sparkling accessories, more dazzling highlights your charming gentle style.

              a line wedding wears
              A line wedding wears

              Second, a little chubby bride
              A simple wedding dresses is more suitable for you.Also ,the ball gown wedding dresses with simple line also is a good choice.Besides, choose some suitable accessories to attract the other's attention,so that to ignore your hubby body.
              Recommended: neat hair is your best choice.

              Third, the bride with coarse arm
              Coarse arm of the bride, you can not use diet to solve this problem.Of course, exercise can improve a little better.When choosing wedding gowns,you have to avoid selecting too heavy ground fabric and sleeveless wedding dress.

              tulle wedding gowns
              tulle wedding gowns

              Recommended: possible use beautiful jewelry or scarves to divert attention.And you can put down your hair to modify your arms.

              Fourth, shoulder wide bride
              If you have a broad shoulders, you can wearing a strables bridal wears to strike a balance.Or choose a column bridal gown to longer your body.Besides,a wedding gowns with some nice decoration on the shoulder is also a nice choice for you.

              column wedding gowns

              Recommended:Because of broad shoulders,you could select a long necklace instead of a short necklace,that will be more suitable.


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                Love the look of bridal parties with mismatched dresses, but feeling a little doubtful that you can pull it off? We’ve here to help you with tips and advice to mix and match their dresses, while still having them blend cohesively!

                Muted colors work well together.

                The easiest way to create this mix and match selection is to go with shades of nude, off-white, and blush. Above, this group of ladies are all wearing long, flowy dresses in these colors and that’s where the similarities end. Some are sheer, others have lace. If you have a light color palette, or have a bridal party that is scattered across the country, light shades are definitely the simplest way to go.

                A no-brainer technique is to have your bridesmaids all shop through the same retailer and pick a different color in several different styles (below). If you want more continuity in a larger bridal party, select three different styles (and remember to account for body type preferences) in 2-5 colors. You’ll have some variety, but not so much that it won”t look traditional.

                Glam it up with sparkle.

                Brides who are featuring lots of metallics, sparkle, or sequins in their wedding, may want all that glitter to extend to their bridal party. If you are having a blush and silver wedding, for example, have bridesmaids seek out blush dresses (and send them photos so they can have a visual example of what you mean by “blush”), and mention that sparkle is optional. You’ll end up with a mix of recycled (why let that cute bridesmaid dress go to waste?), solid color, and beaded dresses (below).

                You can focus less on color and more on your theme.

                Some wedding themes naturally dictate a bridal party’s style. Add dazzle to your Art Deco event by encouraging your friends to find 1920’s inspired dresses, with intricate beading or sheer panels in neutral shades. Even if some dresses are deep silver and others are pale peach, they will all naturally coordinate because of their shared style (below).

                Likewise, for themes like retro and vintage consider using floral prints. Although the dresses below are all the same dress, the different fabrics will make the bridesmaids look completely unfussy and just plain adorable!

                Adding texture can make blending the same color more aesthetically pleasing.

                Some colors are going to be difficult to mix and match with your bridesmaid dresses. Red is a particularly problematic color to play with because of all of the different undertones and depths that are available. Unlike blues that are more calming to the eye, mismatched reds can be jarring and easily clash. However, if you are using a color that isn’t that dramatic, adding texture can help overcome any obvious mismatching in shade. With the off-white dresses below this bridal party ran the risk of the darker dresses looking dirty against the whiter shades. But because they used all different kinds of lace and ribbons, the texture made them complement each other.

                cheap ivory bridesmaid dresses

                And texture isn’t just a great tool for light shades. This bridal party below used beading, lace, and pleats to coordinate their different shades of navy.

                navy blue bridesmaid dresses


                Drooling over the photos of mix and match bridesmaid dresses in your latest wedding magazine? Understand that a large part of why you connect with those photos is how they are arranged. For example, this green bridal party (below, left) featured so many different shades that some wouldn’t have looked “right” next to others. Arranging the order of how bridesmaids stand in photos and your ceremony lineup can transform the overall look of your bridal party. If you want a cornucopia of colors be especially aware of this. Below (right), this hanging rack of dresses features pink, coral, orchid, and red. If the red and orchid were right next together, nothankyouverymuch. But the coral and pink filling in the space in between makes the whole party look cheerful and lively.

                When in doubt, rely on a color wheel.

                Want spectacularly bold color? Use a color wheel to find colors that look great together. Below, this primary colored bridal party is exhibiting some next level mismatching. You can achieve similar looks with secondary and tertiary colors. Also appealing to the eye is using two complementary colors (the colors that are across from each other on the wheel).

                A few parting tips to help you mix and match your bridesmaid dresses:

                1. Always show your bridal party examples of what you mean by a certain color. Colors like coral and navy have a lot of variances, so don’t be afraid to create a pin board or send out messages with real life examples.

                2. Use plenty of descriptive words and examples about the style of dress. In general, there does need to be a common thread tying mismatched bridesmaid dresses together. Maybe it is the silhouette (long and flowy, short and fitted, high-low hemline, etc.), or perhaps the vibe (edgy, modern, romantic), but make sure you have communicated the vine you are trying to achieve.

                3. Ask your bridesmaids to send each other photos of dresses they are considering. This will prevent two women buying the same dress, or one that clashes with the rest.


                About bridesmaid dresses:

                Runway to wedding day sequin bridesmaid dresses

                Wedding day the dresses could be prepared for your bridesmaid

                Best colors bridesmaid gowns



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                  Usually the bride will choose at least two sets of dress for the wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids usually require only a dress on it, style to be generous, not cumbersome. Bridesmaid dresses should not choose the color of red and black, but should choose soft colors, such as: pink, orange, champagne, pearl, white and so on. Bridesmaid dress should avoid to be too fancy to grab the bride's thunder. Always remember, the day the real protagonist is the bride, bridesmaid's work is service the bride . In addition, the bridesmaids' work is very hard,because you have to accompany the bride toast, walk around. Therefore, to choose a suitable shoes who is comfortable decent enough. Today,the popular length of bridesmaid dresses is still the tea length with satin ( )and soft gauze with a form, simple style and bright dress. This dress is generally in Bra and harness style, decorated with a small amount of beads or tassels, focusing on light color, pastel colors,such as champagne and light purple ,and brush pink. The most popular choice of bridesmaid dress is a solid color dress of knee length , relatively slim style, but not too sexy. Bridesmaid dresses should be simple;fabrics of bridesmaid and mother dresses is suitable for chiffon, thick satin, taffeta and other like fabrics. Remember, bridesmaid dress should not be too exaggerated, just to bring out the bridal dress.


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                    Just chatting with Melanie about her + Pat’s big day, we could tell that they are every bit as fun as Mason and Megan’s photos suggest. We’re talking oversized balloons and a macaron tower… Just to name a couple highlights. It was a party for over 250, but whether you’re planning an intimate affair or big bash, you’re bound to find something you can’t not pin!

                    bride with bridesmaid in blue dresses

                    bride with bridesmaid dresses in blue bridesmaid dresses

                    The day after she bought Hayley Paige ‘Guindon’, she totally questioned why she bought a striped wedding dress! But then she realized it truly represented her personality and set them up for a fun and romantic day.

                    wedding Ceremony

                    Wedding Ceremony

                    Mel says, I wanted everything to be fun but with a soft and romantic side, which I think is representative of our relationship. We’re always up for an adventure and we love a good party but when it comes down to it, we’re both pretty big softies with a hopeless romantic side. Once I bought my dress I had a vision of bright elegant florals, bow ties, and big balloons… It really turned out exactly how I had imagined!

                    New couple with black suit and halter wedding gowns

                    New couple with black suit and halter wedding gowns

                    The bride did all the invites + paper goods herself… Love!

                    Thinking these desserts blew everyone’s minds…

                    Most memorable moments…

                    Melanie: When Pat was saying his vows, he finished with, “As a wise man once said, I can’t wait to marry the shit out of you.” This is something a pro-skier/base jumper we love said to his fiancé in a ski movie and I for some reason always thought it was the sweetest thing. Pats vows were so sincere, sweet, and heartfelt. When he finished with that, I started laughing SO hard and it just showed me (again) that he is my perfect match. In a weird way, it was the sweetest thing he’s ever done… He just gets me.

                    Pat: Standing at the end watching everyone come down the aisle, and I was anxiously thinking “Oh this is perfect, I’m going to be able to see her the whole way….” but then everyone stood up and I died! I wanted to see Melanie so bad but I couldn’t see over everyone until she made it to the end of the aisle. Well worth but the wait but I was dying up there… She was gorgeous! I was thinking about her all day long and I was getting worried she was going to be a little overwhelmed and of course the anticipation was getting to me a little, but once I saw her and how happy she was and how she was smiling at me, it was the best feeling ever. Nothing else mattered in that moment and I knew we were meant to be.




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