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Zhao Wenge, Chairman of the Restaurant Group, followed Wang Wenxu, Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province, Chen Gang, member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of Markets, and Lin Yi, Secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party Committee, along with other delegations visited the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition area. Fang Xiaojuan, head of Yiwu China Commodity City Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., reported that the main situation of the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibition area for the leaders.

The products of the exhibition cover more than 20 big groups and over 1,000 single products. They are some representative products selected from tens of thousands of working products of the Group's key suppliers. According to the principle of"conventional priority", the chosen products have national standards, industry standards or business standards, which satisfy the requirements for direct entry into the supermarket. Most of the"Yiwu Good Goods" exhibitors have their own brands, have their own design and development teams, and execute standardized manufacturing and performance.
We'll take this typical exhibition as an opportunity to gradually cultivate quite a few high quality suppliers and produce lots of well-known brands, hoping to lead greater business entities to participate in the standardization of commodities that are small.

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Even though it took just ten years to make the small commodity marketplace the first in China, when the time entered the 21st century, when the wave of e-commerce was just filming, Yiwu people appeared to have no response. Wang Wei, an associate professor at the Entrepreneurship College and E-Commerce College of Yiwu Business and Technology College, told Xinmin Weekly: At first, Yiwu retailers didn't understand e-commerce, and even rejected it. They felt that the e-commerce institution had robbed them of the accumulation for several decades. The company of a physical store. "The Yiwu authorities is awakened at the level of embracing e-commerce. It's only relatively attentive at the beginning. Initially, Ali also came to Yiwu to talk about a few cooperations, but they did not speak about it." But, with the development of the business, Many benefits like the growth in timeliness and cost reduction caused by e-commerce have slowly emerged. The times produce personalities. From the international financial chaos in 2008, bodily business was hit hard, and at this time the door of e-commerce was"can't shut down" The Yiwu authorities took advantage of the trend and began to implement the"e-commerce exchange for the market." "Beginning in 2013, the Yiwu government made a decision to provide free e-commerce training for 600,000 people. At that moment, it was a road and a road training program. The promotion was very powerful." Wang Hao's colleague and director of this e-commerce teaching and research section of this college Qiu Yang Memories. In reality, Yiwu is the world's biggest distribution center and procurement foundation for smaller commodities. It has collected over 1.7 million kinds of products for more than 200,000 consumer goods manufacturers, and contains unparalleled online resources in other areas. When the first developed little commodity trade encounters the golden route of e-commerce, combined with the promotion of policies, the benefits are evident. According to data, at present, 70 percent of the nationwide retail network retailers come from Yiwu marketplace, and also the percentage of wholesale network merchants is more than 80%. In Wang Wei's opinion, e-commerce has brought fundamental changes to this Yiwu small commodity market. Its status has shifted in the initial"conclusion of physical business" into the present dominant; the physical shops opened in the Yiwu market have become power. An endorsement and a kind of support for the virtual sector. The information also proves this point: Since 2013, Yiwu online transactions have outperformed physical trades in terms of amount. In 2017, the e-commerce transaction volume was 222 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 25.3%. Currently, Yiwu's e-commerce account surpasses 278,000, and the town's e-commerce supporting sectors such as photography, production performance, creative design, advertising, talent training, and third-party warehousing have achieved agglomeration development. The Yiwu authoritieshas produced a formal"Yiwu buy" e-commerce platform, permitting all retailers from the local physical marketplace tosettle , and providing them with training, technologyand other support to achieve whole protection of e-commerce. In addition, diversified third-party e-commerce platforms have been settled in Yiwu, in addition to Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, there are many more, just Vipshop, Beibei, Gome, Suning, etc., in addition to pure mobile Such as the miniature mall and so on. According to the data of Yiwu Business Bureau, the entire number of online merchant accounts of the significant e-commerce platforms exceeded 278,000. The developed global commerce in Yiwu has developed more rapidly after the"Belt and Road Initiative" initiative. A Form B bonded logisticscentre, a cross-border e-commerce public oversightcentre and a cross-border import e-commerce oversight center have been created. Based on data from the Yiwu Public Security Bureau, in 2017, Yiwu includes a total of 13,000 overseas friends from 199 nations and regions around the globe working and living for quite a long moment. Many have already integrated into the local industry. In the sector and roads of Yiwu, individuals from different countries with different skincolours can be seen anywhere, and some are drifting back and forth electric vehicles with Chinese characteristics. Yiwu has become an"international business card" in China. On December 4, 2015,'' President Xi Jinping specifically mentioned at the China-Africa Entrepreneur Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa:"In Zhejiang Province where I've worked, there's a small city called Yiwu, which is known as theplanet's'commodity funds'. There are now thousands of African businessmen stationed there to participate in China-Africa trade." Even though the geographical location isn't unique, logistics contributes to Almost every corner of the planet." "I see now's Yiwu International

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 Trade Yiwu City is comparable to the Qingming River map of this year, called the contemporary'Yiwu Shanghe map'!"

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In case you have never been to Yiwu's marketplace in person, it's tough to understand why this tiny county-level city in Zhejiang Province has the reputation of"the very first market in China" and"the world capital of small commodities". In Yiwu International Trade City, the five districts are surrounded with the"Factory" and surrounded by the Central Park. They're all connected to one another. If they simply adhere to a street in a certain layer of the market, they will not stop at any merchants and walk through a whole trade city. It requires more than 3 km to travel, and it takes almost an hour. In addition, the market has a total of multiple layers, and every floor has many criss-crossing paths. It's almost an"impossible job" to read. The products are dazzling, sparkling, and also the people of all countries are lively and bustling. At the exact same time, there are lots of e-commerce transactions that aren't visible and are happening at any time. Who can believe that 40 years ago, it was once without the market; now, the"Iwu wonder" is wonderful.

Entering the doorway of Yiwu"China Commodity City Development History Exhibition Hall", the first thing people see is that a massive rattle relief. This compilation has been swayed at the palms of Yiwu's traders from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. They picked the brown sugar of the local specialty products and altered the poultry feathers for every household to create a"refrigerated sugar candies". Do the dice to market the money, the poor will go to the floor to make fertilizer. The"Golden Spring and Autumn" of"Chicken and Sugar" lasted until the late 1970s.

At that moment,"Knocking Sugar" found that changing chicken feathers with little products was more popular than rapping sugar for poultry feathers. As a result, from the local market of this Sanli marketplace, many small commodity dealers began to be busy. At precisely the exact same time, the same marketplace was established in Xianqian Street and Beimen Street in the town. At that moment, China's reform and opening had just started, and the amount of implementation and understanding of policies wasn't the exact same everywhere. In Yiwu, farmers' trade in commodities nevertheless had to be placed in the inappropriate name of"speculation"

Viewing the people's business requirements, the Yiwu government department was still trying to acquiesce to the occurrence of farmers' traders. Farmers who moved to other areas to perform business could go to the Trade and Industry Bureau to handle the"temporary license for little department stores to swap sugar for chicken feathers". But if you would like to set up a stall in the county, then you will inevitably be banned.

The young woman He Haimei endured from this kind of problem. Her family's income is meager and it is difficult. In 1982, her brother came home from the army to see relatives and brought more than a dozen postcards. She thought that these postcards could be sold in the entrance of the cinema, and there may be money to earn it! The result was actually sold out promptly. She believed that she would buy it and promote it. After three times, she made 32 yuan, which had been a major amount of money in the time. She went to market other things. As a result, she offered nylon socks on the road one day. The county government captured the present situation and the goods were all confiscated. She stood on the side of the street for quite a while, and afterwards saw Xie Gaohua, that was then secretary of the Yiwu County Party Committee, coming away. She immediately rushed to prevent him and requested him using a high voice:"Why not let's do business?"

To prevent Xie Gaohua, the local farmers who sent the very same questions weren't only He Haimei. Seeing the people's urgent desire to improve their lives through company, Xie Gaohua along with the county party committee and county government leaders took the risk of coverage and chose to open the little commodity marketplace. At the conference to declare this coverage, He Haimei shed tears with excitement.

Relying on the reluctance of these people and the leadership, Yiwu hurried for a path to develop the small commodity market from the cracks of the coverage at that moment. Later, he proposed"allowing farmers to do business, letting long-distance trafficking, letting the launching of rural and urban markets, and allowing several channels."

At that time, in the city of Yiwu County, the manager of the Industrial and Commercial Office called on the retailers to"make help" to do business together, along with the enthusiasm of the people was large. On September 5, 1982, the authorities set up two rows of simple booths with cement slabs to build the Huqingmen Haberdashery Market from the first-generation market in Yiwu, Choucheng Town. In 1984, the county authorities of Yiwu County suggested the slogan: Xingshang County. On December 6, the second creation of Yiwu Market, Xinma Road Market was finished and renamed Yiwu Small Commodity Market. In September 1986, the third-generation Yiwu Small Commodity Market in Chengzhong Road was completed and started with 4096 fixed booths and more than 1,000 temporary stalls. Two years after, Yiwu withdrew in the county.

The little commodity marketplace in Chengzhong Road is growing more and more famous throughout the country, and merchants from all over the world are flocking. On September 3 of the Identical year, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce approved Yiwu Small Commodity Market as Yiwu China Commodity City. Ever since then,"China's biggest city" has a fantastic reputation.

In November of the year, the first large-scale indoor market in Yiwu, that has more than 15,000 stalls, opened its market, which is regarded as the fourth-generation market. In 2002, the initial stage of the newly-built Yiwu International Trade City opened, plus a total of five stages are completed. It has become China's present internationalization and also the most modernized small commodity marketplace. The International Trade City and the Gion Market together with the international production materials market started in 2013, are believed by local people to be the fifth-generation marketplace of Yiwu Small Commodities. As of 2017, the total number of commercial units reached 75,000, and also the entire business area exceeded 5.5 million square meters. Rice, the yearly turnover attained 122.6 billion yuan.

Yiwu Small Commodity City has been not just China but the whole world. "Assembling the world's biggest supermarket and building an global shopping paradise" is not only a neighborhood development concept, but also a truth.

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad attends to the unveiling event for the Malay version of the "Four Wonderful Classical Novels" of Chinese literature in Beijing on Aug 19.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad participated in an unveiling event for the Malay edition of the "4 Fantastic Timeless Stories" of Chinese literature in Beijing on Aug 19.

The books have been published by Zhejiang Posting United Group, one of the top 50 authors worldwide, in collaboration with some Malaysian firms.

Mohamad very commended the publications and also motivated Malaysians to read the masterworks in his address at the event, claiming these translations could enable people to find out more about Chinese literary works as well as society.

Along with the four timeless novels, the equated magazines also consisted of the English and Malay versions of Jack Ma's biography as well as an English book about Yiwu Futian market, two books showcasing Zhejiang aspects.

Zhejiang Posting United Team has been deepening participation with countries involved in the Belt and also Road Campaign in recent times. Its close connections with Malaysia have actually caused the magazine of various Chinese publications in the Southeastern Asian nation, as well as the launch of teamwork projects in between the two sides.

To this day, the team's magazines in Malaysia have actually consisted of textbooks for trainees, children's tales, a series of publications concerning China's intangible social heritages as well as an illustrated publication on tea culture. In addition, a mobile virtual library jointly established by Zhejiang Posting United Team and Migu Digital Media Carbon Monoxide Ltd, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corp has been made use of by over 1,000 Chinese schools in Malaysia.

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(Press Reporter Zheng Mengyu) Thanks to the healing of the European and American markets and also the "One Belt, One Roadway" strategy, Shantou has accelerated the improvement and updating of the plaything industry since in 2014, which has successfully increased the growth of toy as well as present exports. Just recently, the reporter learned from Shantou Traditions that from January to November last year, the city's toy exports reached 6.65 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9% over the very same duration of the previous year. The development price boosted by 5.5 percentage points year-on-year, making up 17.7% of the city's overall export worth.

In 2014, the city's playthings were generally exported by essential trade as well as the development was substantial. From January to November, the export of toys by general profession was 6.58 billion yuan, a boost of 13.5%, representing 98.9% of the total value of plaything exports during the very same duration. The development of capitalisms was higher than the overall circumstance, with exports reaching 5.87 billion yuan, a rise of 13%, making up 88.3%.

Mainly, it deserves mentioning that the plaything market in the city has a strong export growth in some major markets, with an apparent rise. From January to November last year, Shantou exported 2.45 billion yuan of playthings to ASEAN, up 20.7%; exports to South Korea 830 million yuan, up 53.4%; exports to the EU 640 million yuan, up 10.2%.

Inning accordance with the relevant boss of Shantou Traditions, given that in 2014, numerous plaything capitalisms in our city have stepped up technological technology, readjusted item framework, sped up the introduction of automated manufacturing tools as well as robotics, enhanced product manufacturing performance continuously, far better adjusted to market modifications, as well as assisted in toy exports. Boost. At the 118th Canton Fair held in October last year, Shantou established the "Chenghai Plaything Road" with 35 prominent and rich children's showcases, with the "Net + Globe Plaything Dream Factory" as the main body. The mascots are naturally connected with elements such as "Web" and also "Cloud" to provide a diversified item experience for professional toy buyers, bring in a lot of purchasers to work out.


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At the start of this year, I bid goodbye to a village in my hometown where I stayed for greater than two years, as well as went back to the small product capital of Yiwu to review life. In this sea loaded with countless little products, I could accidentally see some good quality as well as affordable price each day. It is additionally a little product suitable for living in your home, but it is constantly a look. After talking with pals yesterday, why not share these fun and also useful little products, if you just require it, you could also bring it with each other. Some worth, so I really feel that after buying into the Yiwu Futian market every day, I will take photos of that fun as well as intriguing items for every person to see ^_^

Many friends have heard of Yiwu, but most of them have not existed. I will most likely present the present atmosphere and features of Yiwu.

Yiwu's present economic situation is really created, yet the city's facilities still dragging, and advancement is extremely uneven. Urban planning is still in the temporary, Yiwu tiny asset market, the name has actually been settled: tiny assets. Commodities are winning with inexpensive labor. When Yiwu tiny commodities were just prominent in the very early years, those that involved Yiwu from other areas would certainly place 10s of thousands of yuan in money on their belts as well as conceal them in their shirts around their tummies. The money was provided manually. The condition for the initial growth of Yiwu market was that the information was not equivalent. It relied on this to achieve the first-level wholesale, but the Internet has actually eliminated this info obstacle. Many excellent items are designed to be iterated in the Yiwu market. Update.

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On June 13, merchants from Russia, the Netherlands as well as Brazil are acquiring World Mug fans and also showing off products at Zhejiang Yiwu International Profession City.

Considering that the appearance of the 32 Globe Mug in Russia in 2018, the spark of this very significant sports event has actually sparked in the Yiwu market. Inning accordance with the Yiwu China Product City's official website, Yiwu Buying Team's sales positions for the most recent month reveal that 2018 Russia World Mug flag 14x21cm, 8th nationwide flags as well as other items worldwide covered the list, sales got to greater than 80 million.

The 2018 Globe Cup in Russia will be whistle-whistle on June 14th. 32 groups will certainly compete in the 64 pitches on the pitch. In Yiwu International Profession City, the sales of followers as well as sporting products boosted by 23% compared to common. These vendors are riding the wind of the World Mug in Russia and get a share in the competition economic climate.
Like Yiwu, in Shantou, Shantou, China, a large wave of purchasers came here to purchase toys.

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The World Cup economy has actually grown bigger and also larger

Qianjiang Night News press reporter picked up from the relevant boss of Yiwu Small Asset City that throughout the Russia World Cup, some of the appropriate Yiwu little product groups are really various. "The price quotes are down, a minimum of more than 3,000 kinds, such as the wigs of fans, and exterior leisure. Some of the supplies, such as barbecue devices, outside chairs, umbrellas, etc., in addition to some wrists, national flags of taking part nations, and associated items such as hats, need to be very large," said one person in charge.

Actually, along with flags, headscarfs, hand flags are likewise prominent with merchants worldwide. "Generally, Russia, Germany as well as various other guests pertain to get items and also area orders."

Not only sales of flags, scarves and also other products are hot, however also the sales of football pertaining to the World Cup have made business fans delighted. In the 3rd phase of Yiwu International Trade City, "Up until now this year, football sales to Russia have actually gone beyond 10 million, and also the biggest single-listed company has greater than 1 million." Chen Shaomei, a professional manufacturer of football supplies, informed the Qianjiang Night News press reporter. Although they are not creating game balls, various type of football are additionally in short supply during the Globe Cup. They are generally made up of center and low-grade products with a rate of 7-12 yuan. A few of them are orders from international profession companies, and some are vendors that see the firm. "

Yiwu manager many people end up being "fans".

The team carried out well with brand-new orders.

According to data from Yiwu Traditions, in the initial four months of this year, Yiwu's exports to Russia went beyond 1 billion yuan, an increase of 4.6% over the exact same duration of the previous year. At the very same time, amongst the products exported by Yiwu, the growth price of showing off items was significant, and the development rate got to 16.9%. Amongst them, Southeast Asia, the Middle East as well as other countries have experienced rapid development.

Yiwu International Product Market has the name of a globe supermarket. The fan materials organisation below, and the World Cup without the Chinese team, is also an occasion that can not be missed.

For example, the South African World Mug's Vuvuzela, Brazil's mascot of the World Cup, these internet red items during the World Cup, primarily created in Yiwu.

Throughout the meeting, Qianjiang Night News reporter likewise discovered that compared with flags, football, and other products, hot, the group's uniforms of the World Mug selected national group even in short supply, as a result of minimal manufacturing ability, lots of manufacturers have to surrender thousands of hundreds of collections Checklist. "A few of our sales representatives who run team uniforms have actually about estimated that at present there are more than 1 million sets of football attires in Yiwu that are offered to Russia." An apparel producer in Yiwu's product market claimed that they had obtained multiple bookings for football. The telephone of the group attires, yet because the quantity is also huge, the suppliers could not create sufficient, have to hesitantly deny, "it can be seen that there is more room in our Yiwu market." and Chenghai Toys is like World Mug.

On a daily basis around 8pm, Yiwu International Profession City started to gradually return to peace up until late at night. These tiny assets were taken out of the supervision bay by a sturdy vehicle complying with a personalizeds secure. Completely eastern, east, until the sea.

shantou chenghai toys agent yiwu futian market

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Hardware City "Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province has seen quick advancement of the sporting products producing market in recent years. Inning accordance with records, the yearly sales of the sporting items manufacturing sector in the city have gone beyond RMB 20 billion, which has actually ended up being a new development point. This year, Yongkang City has actually been designated as the State General Administration of Sporting Activity. Authorized as a nationwide sports sector demo base.

Yongkang Equipment is widely known. Found in the county-level city of central Zhejiang, the company has more than 10,000 hardware manufacturing business as well as is China's biggest equipment product warehouse. The press reporter gained from the meeting that Yongkang sporting goods making started from the early production of scooters, as well as gradually increased to fitness devices, mtb and other product kinds. In recent years, particularly, city governments have actually made the most of the situation to increase policy support and quickly created a collection of sporting activities sector ventures including sporting items making.

Zhejiang Feishen Car Market Co., Ltd. was named National Sports Industry Presentation Device by the State Sports General Management. According to Chen Xiangyang, the head of state of the company, in 2016, Feishen invested RMB 1 billion to build an automated assembly line with a yearly output of 50,000 large-displacement all-terrain lorries. It has actually become one of the biggest leisure sports car production bases in China and also the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific, as well as other nations. Several countries and areas.

" At present, there are 1,429 sporting goods manufacturing-related firms in the city, forming 12 sorts of mobile homes, indoor and also outdoor fitness devices, drones, Motor homes, power surfing boats, angling gear, outdoor recreation items, as well as greater than 1,000 items. Lin Zhen, director of the Yongkang Municipal Sports Development Bureau, said that the local government assigns 6 million yuan of growth guidance funds each year, and adds an industrial section to the Sports Development Bureau to take charge of the advancement and also promotion of the sporting activities industry. In 2016, Yongkang sporting items producing sector accounted for 8.7% of the city's GDP.

The reporter saw in Zhejiang Tianxin Sports Devices Co., Ltd. that the assembly line for electric treadmills and trampolines was active. Yu Zhenxian, chairman of the company, said that this year's item orders have actually been arranged for October, and it is expected that yearly sales will certainly surpass 400 million yuan. "The strong foundation of Yongkang equipment manufacturing market has won competitive benefit for the development of sports tools production. In recent times, the climbing trend of sports usage has actually made increasingly more regional business transform and also upgrade sporting products producing."

Lin Zhen claimed that currently, Yongkang has developed a sports industry growth method fixated high-end sporting activities devices manufacturing. It has taken sports product manufacturing as a support focus, as well as made every effort to build a nationwide design of premium sports leisure equipment with worldwide high quality.

Today, Yongkang Sporting Goods Manufacturing facility has lots of shops in Yiwu market, and also this showing off goods export has terrific advantages.


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Yiwu is a tiny city. Its whole area is small, but its city capacity is certainly huge, and also the marketplace inside it is also large.

Yiwu has the world's biggest tiny asset trading market, where you could engage in several wholesale products. What sort of tiny products do you need? What kind of small product you could locate. The items right here are extremely total. It could additionally make you an eye-opener. There are additionally several small assets that you have actually never ever seen before. Individuals are really weird.

If you have not been to the city of Yiwu, the success of the little product economic climate and trade is truly something you could not picture.

There are additionally lots of international good friends who pertain to this city in Yiwu to select goods and then market them to areas where they are needed with trade.

Certainly, there are also lots of global brand names. In Yiwu, it is likewise feasible to find suitable producers for the handling of items. This technique can decrease the high cost of transportation, and also considerably decrease the total cost of all aspects, and also the completed products created, Nor is it worse than the place of origin, much more compared to the quality of the origin. Under this situation, it is additionally feasible to make use of Yiwu, the international profession city, to earn its very own product trade larger and better.
 Personalized Necklaces and Monogram Jewelry,shantou toys,loltia dress,rihanna body chains

After almost 40 years of struggle, this city in Yiwu has progressively developed its very own brand and its loud urban qualities. Yiwu will certainly improve tomorrow, and Yiwu International Product City will have a growing number of trade quantity. Big.

Yiwu has a big market. There are numerous choices for your life in Yiwu. It will certainly also aid you to develop an effective career in Yiwu as well as make your life more vibrant.

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