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Always use your coupons when purchasing path of exile currency order. This will help ensure you purchase items with coupons to save the most money. Also, purchase the correct amount of items, depending on the coupon specifications.

Take all the coupons you have to that will take them, even if you have no immediate intention of using them. You never know, you might need that coupon and it would be great if you have it with you.

When you get to the checkout area, ensure that the coupons you use. It is shocking to learn that lots of coupons fail to use, due to problems with the U4N website or the coupon itself. Watch cart page to make sure that each coupon used for the proper amount, and that none are missed.

To save even more money, consider a coupon-clipping site or some type of service that gives you multiples of one coupon. This will help you get more of the items you like. It is possible to find coupon services through online resources, and you will be able to cut eliminate the expense of buying multiple papers.

Pair your coupons with your online store's sales. This is the best way to score big savings. Generally, coupons will not expire before the item goes on sale at an online store near you. When you combine your coupons with sale prices, you can save up to 90 percent of your grocery bill.

Never feel embarrassed or form self-conscious about using tons of coupons. You can consult any place you don't understand When you communicate with online Customer service. By being well-prepared, you will learn how to check out quickly and smoothly.

Find coupons online. There are many online coupon websites that will issue some coupon codes from time to time. Of course, in some special festivals, corresponding discounts will also be introduced. Use these just like any other coupon you cut out from a newspaper or magazine. will give you the safest security.

Ask family and friends to save the discount code on the U4N webpage. This will give you a better chance to get the best coupons to save money. You can exchange valuable things with them in exchange for the coupons they give you.

If you are an old user of the u4n website or you have purchased a large number of items on this website, you will become a u4n VIP customer of our online store when you reach a certain purchase amount. You will get a lot of money every time you purchase equipment. Offer! This is very useful for some of the more expensive items. Check your coupons carefully, as some of them will have special instructions.

If you want to use coupons, please pay attention to in a timely manner. Use only the correct coupons to filter out expired coupons instead of trying to use them. Unfortunately, people who abuse coupons can cause stores to limit their use, resulting in fewer opportunities for others to save.

You're going to be surprised at the amount of money you save by using coupons. Perhaps you can trim your grocery bill substantially, as long as you locate the relevant coupons. Keep these tips in mind, and you can master the art of coupons.

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You are going to be excited to discover that one particular player has figured out a solution to access Fortnite Tomato Temple Tunnel. You will discover lots of regions in Fortnite that are difficult or seemingly impossible to access, one of these may be the Tomato Temple Tunnel. If it drives you crazy which you can't get into the tunnel, now you simply need to reap the benefits of a glitch in the game.

Fortnite Tomato Temple Tunnel

Here Is How to Get Into the Tomato Temple Tunnel

To begin with, switch to Playground Mode so that you cannot be harassed even though you might be attempting to work with the glitch. Then, grab a buying cart in Tomato Town and take it with you towards the Tomato Temple.

Inside the south section on the location, make your way toward the end on the tunnel. Knock out two roof pieces because of the video shows, also as some wall pieces. Then, get the cart. Create a ramp and push the cart up toward the ceiling. Whenever you get up there, hit the enter button on your controller repeatedly until you get by way of (i.e. square on PS4).

You can then come across your self inside the space above which was in no way intended to be accessible. It's quite odd-looking, and there isn't a complete lot to determine up there. But you'll be able to really feel a sense of deep satisfaction at possessing produced it. Looking for other news and guides in Fortnite? Click here. There is cheap Fortnite Boosting for sale on U4GM if you get in trouble with power leveling in the game.

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Both Fortnite and PUBG are the biggest and best Battle Royale games around. Both games have their own set of diverse and comparable mechanics. So how do you choose which game is greater for you in the event you only possess the time for you to play by way of one particular? So we put together a guide that'll take you via each their strengths, weaknesses and main variations.

Fortnite vs PUBG

NO.1 Gameplay

With regards to fundamentals, PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale are effectively the exact same. You'll parachute onto a map, loot buildings, escape the blue circle and try to outlast 99 other players. Sometimes buy Fortnite Items on U4GM may an easy way to save time if you tired of grinding quests and events for items in the game.

The big difference in between the two are their takes around the Battle Royale genre. PUBG focuses on realism, with weapon attachments, punishing recoil, bullet drop as well as a greater concentrate on inventory management.

Fortnite's slightly more accessible in this regard, having a higher emphasis on frantic, fun combat over realism. The biggest difference is creating. You'll be able to harvest components you learn within the game globe to make forts and defensive structures that'll enable you to survive encounters or gain the advantage.

PUBG's got cars, whilst Fortnite doesn't. If you are into cruising about maps with allies inside the backseat, then PUBG's pipped Fortnite within this regard.

Ultimately, each supply a decent variety of game modes. PUBG's got weekly events and custom matches, although Fortnite's also got Limited-Time Game Modes that final for around a week.

NO.2 Maps

Currently, Fortnite's only property to one map, though PUBG has two, with one particular extra on the way incredibly quickly.

1) Fortnite

Fortnite's map is considerably smaller sized than each of PUBG's. This makes for an additional frenetic pace, with action appropriate in the get-go.

As it is smaller, there's much less travel time among locations.

It's hillier, with much more opportunities for sniping opponents from afar.

There's a decent mixture of areas. You've got woods, warehouses, skyscrapers, marshes and more to accomplish battle in.

As opposed to PUBG's maps, Fortnite's locations each and every have their very own distinct theme. You've got the East Asian Lucky Landing, the spooky Wailing Woods and higher society region of Snobby Shores as an example.



PUBG's house to two maps at the moment: Erangel and Miramar. There's one more one particular on the way known as "Savage".

Erangel is largely woodland based, whilst Miramar includes a desert theme. Savage is based on a tropical island.

Erangel and Miramar are substantially larger than Fortnite's map, which suggests a slower pace generally. Despite the fact that dropping in particular hotspots will increase your odds of an enormous gunfight inside the opening moments in the game.

As a result of size of each Erangel and Miramar, you will have a greater opportunity of surviving early on and having into the game progressively.

There's a range of locales, using a terrific deal of hills, mountain peaks, rivers - you name it.

The upcoming "Savage" map is very easily the smallest PUBG map to date and will provide a great deal more rapid pace from the game for all those who crave action.

NO.3 Mobile

Fortnite vs PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile's at the moment available on Android and iOS devices worldwide. All you will need to do is search for it within your respective Play or Apple Retailers and get it downloaded to begin playing.

Fortnite's not quite reached PUBG's scale just but. Fortnite Mobile is only out there on iOS devices at the moment with Android sign ups open plus a release date someplace around the horizon.

When it comes to gameplay experiences, each offer brilliant overall performance and you'll obtain each and every piece of content in the most important versions in the game also. Very same modes, maps, fortnite save the world weapons and all.

NO.4 Player Count

In relation to how several players are on PUBG and Fortnite, you surely will not struggle to discover a game that's for confident.

It's quite tricky to locate pin-point accurate stats for each game, but PUBG's concurrent player count is easily in the top of Steam's charts day in, day out.

On all platforms, Fortnite requires the crown although. It's reportedly got over 45 million players and counting, so you've got a single huge neighborhood to acquire stuck into if you decide to pick up the game.

If something, the player count shouldn't matter for the time being. Either way you will obtain matches and other players to party up with, devoid of any hassle whatsoever.

NO.5 System Requirements (PC)

There's a clear winner here and it's Fortnite.

PUBG's far from nicely optimised and it is considerably far more taxing on your technique than Fortnite. You'll have to have a fairly strong rig to run the game at 60 FPS, or at the least tone down several settings to obtain there. Even then, you will experience the occasional frame drop, stutter or general functionality issue that comes with playing a game that nevertheless requires some tweaking.

Fortnite's cartoony art style implies that it can run around the vast majority of PCs, so these on a spending budget program shouldn't require to tweak numerous settings at all. Unless you are operating on integrated graphics, this game will run a treat. It is improved optimised too, which makes to get a lot smoother gameplay knowledge normally.

NO.6 Respective advantages

Sadly it really is impossible to offer a definitive answer to a question that is very subjective. In all honesty, it's dependent on what kind of Battle Royale encounter you happen to be seeking for.

To help you make an informed decision, or at least to make life a bit simpler, we've listed motives to play every single game just beneath.

1) Causes to choose PUBG

  • A focus on realism.
  • Greater intensity - much more critical.
  • Tight shooting mechanics. You've truly got to consider every single shot.
  • Automobiles.
  • A greater range of maps, each significant and - quickly to be - little.
  • Games possess a slightly slower pace in general which provides nearly just about every player a likelihood to gear up and get into each match they enter.
  • Less forgiving, grittier gameplay overall.
  • A choice amongst third and first person modes.
  • Weapon attachments add a good volume of depth for the game's arsenal of weaponry.

2) Causes to choose Fortnite

  • Harvesting components and developing fortresses adds a complex layer of strategy to matches.
  • Destructible environments.
  • It is extra accessible using a concentrate on enjoyable more than realism.
  • Runs buttery smooth on all platforms.
  • Close to continuous updates and improvements.
  • Faster, additional frantic pace.
  • Zanier weapons, grenades, and things.
  • It really is no cost to attempt out.
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Stink Bomb is an Epic consumable explosive item in Fortnite, all along, I think the stink bomb as far more an efficient way to blow away the competition. it's helpful in quick range, mid range, and lengthy variety scenarios all through a match with its deadly assault on the senses. Using the aid of our Fortnite stink bomb guide, it'll be a tough item to pass up, even when it doesn't smell great. If you instead need to buy anything else on Fortnite Battle Royale, you'll want to check out Fortnite Items list on U4GM.

NO.1 What's the Stink Bomb?

The smelly explosive is actually a popular pickup that may be identified in chests or out within the open: it's a blue bottle using a green substance in it. It features a similar throw range to other handheld products, it has a tiny area of impact following exploding, and it deals five damage per a half second for nine total seconds. That adds as much as a total of 90 harm when the opponents take the brunt in the attack, just shy of knocking out a complete well-being bar.

There are actually quite a few approaches that the stink bomb can support, a lot more so than some of the other explosives because its effects linger longer than the typical grenade.

NO.2 How to Use the Stink Bomb?

Fortnite Stink Bomb

1) Using stink smoke for concealment 

It's frequent to get locked into a mid to lengthy variety firefight with little likelihood to reposition, pinned down by an opponent with all the higher ground. Any step outside cover will result in a face full of bullets.

The gas cloud that stink bombs produce can offer you a little of respite from the eyes from the enemy. Each bomb emits a little cloud of green gas that can be used to produce maneuvers among distinctive types of cover. A mixture of 3 bombs, the quantity every pickup comes with, can permit you to quickly move out of the opponent's line of web page and assist you to flank them.

2) Use the smell to clear out chokepoints 

Building is key in Fortnite. One dominant tactic for gunfights would be to make greater than your opponent, and occasionally that mentality comes just before the fight even starts with persons developing towers inside the circle and waiting.

Stink bombs are a great counter to this tactic. Their gas permeates by way of walls plus the cloud is significant sufficient to fill the entirety of one particular space inside the structure. It might either trap the enemy in 1 aspect from the structure, force them to abandon their house or hit them straight and cause a very good bit of harm. This strategy also operates nicely in regions of your map which have built-in chokepoints like Dusty Depot. Stink bombs might be fantastic for scenarios once you catch other players hiding within the back of trucks, in storage units, or in any long hallway.

3) Drive enemies toward you 

The stink bomb includes a large amount of range. It might be thrown surprisingly far in the middle of a gunfight. It is possible to use it to force enemies out of hiding, and in some cases push them towards you should you throw the stink bomb around the opposite side of whoever you happen to be fighting with.

It is an incredible solution to force opposing players out of cover, which is specifically effective when they possess a considerable fort to develop up.

4) Causing a pungent distraction 

Whether or not or not you're essentially in a position to hit an enemy using the gas cloud, it makes a great deal of noise. Making use of it can undoubtedly draw some focus should you want to relocate or attempt to flank an enemy. You have got 3 to use so they are able to get thrown in different directions to disorient the enemy, moving their eyes elsewhere. 

This can be in particular efficient in places with tight spaces like Tilted Towers, the viking settlement, and Fortunate Landing.

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According to the Fortnite game files, it seems like there's yet going to be one more major update coming. A brand new car called 'Bumble' has been found inside the game files of Fortnite following the v6.22 update on November 4, and its description sounds very significantly that it will likely be an airplane. It sounds awesome! I can't wait to use a plane!

Fortnite Airplane Bumble

NO.1 Things we know so far about the Bumble Vehicle

The absence of drivable cars in "Fortnite" was one of many most significant gripes that players have in the game. Then again, it's not as if they have been really necessary since the map in the island is not even that massive. Even so, this doesn't eliminate the truth that Bumble may possibly be coming for the game and it may well be an airplane. It supposedly follows the v6.22 patch lately updated. 

For those who may want to hear what Bumble sounds like, there is a sound file with the automobile posted on Twitter that fans can listen to. Though there is no guarantee based on the sound alone, it's also unmistakable that it sounds like an airplane having a propeller. As to no matter whether or not "Fortnite" players will even have the ability to fly it, this has, however, to be confirmed.

Proceeding around the assumption that players will truly be capable of play "Fortnite" by riding Bumble, this will be revolutionary for the title. As a Battle Royale game, this project by Epic has established itself to be hugely well known. By adding the ability to basically zoom around the map on an airplane and check out Buy Fortnite Items list on U4GM, it would only make the combat that significantly more entertaining.

NO.2 When will the Bumble Vehicle come to the games?

You'll find no hints whatsoever as to when this vehicle may possibly be added, while there is certainly every single chance we will not see it inside the game till Season 7. Around the other hand, it may very well be as soon as a subsequent week, you never ever seriously know with Epic Games and their Fortnite surprises.

Presumably, an automobile like this will be found at specific locations on the map, probably only one particular or two in total, but how they would impact balance and matches, particularly within the closing moments will likely be interesting. 

How an air car interacts with the storm would also be notable, as, in other battle royale games with air vehicles, the storm often causes them to malfunction to stop players simply flying around outdoors the zone.

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Now, the challenge content of Fortnite season 6, week 4 is already confirmed, and that means new ways to earn Battle Stars and encounter. Now, it's time for us to update the guide for week 4 challenges, click right here should you have not completed the challenge of week 3

By collecting more Battle Stars and upping their tier, up to a season maximum of 100, players can earn limited-time rewards like cosmetic outfits and XP boosts. (Collecting ten Battle Stars will unlock 1 further tier.) Weekly challenges are available for anybody who purchases the Season 6 Battle Pass, which could be had for 950 Fortnite V-Bucks, or roughly $10. Now, let's see tips on how to full these challenges.

NO.1 Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 - Free Challenges Guide

1) Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches  

This challenge is certainly going to heavily depend on whether you'll be able to obtain the Port-a structures, to start with. But any time you do, recognize that you are supposed to deploy these in distinct matches so only your initially structure counts towards the challenge.

2) Search an ammo box in different named locations  

You can discover ammo boxes in nearly every structure, so it should not be as well challenging to finish this one. You've got to discover them in seven distinctive locations though, so unless you are seriously efficient, it could take you some games to finish this challenge.

3) Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in different matches  

This can be a very exciting challenge which will be tough to complete, or at the very least quite harmful. Whilst there are doorbells at most of the houses around the map, the catch with this challenge is there must be an opponent inside so as to full the goal. You will basically listen for footsteps then run out and ring the doorbell, that will most likely get started a fight towards the finish. Doorbells are usually found at any property, but remember you'll want to drop into named locations that are well known to improve the likelihood of individuals becoming there.

Here's exactly where you may uncover doorbells about the island (note that I circled the named locations that happen to be filled with houses):

Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges

NO.2 Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 - Battle Pass Challenges Guide

1) Land at Greasy Grove  

This challenge is pretty quick except for the truth that every person is going to be performing it. Just drop into Greasy Grove and you're completed. To prevent too many opponents, I'd recommend either waiting a few days for the excitement to put on down or dropping in in the course of a 50 vs. 50 match.

2) Dance on top of a clock tower 

There is certainly only one clock tower around the island and it is suitable in the middle from the busiest region: Tilted Towers. But this staged quest will have you visit a total of 3 places to acquire your dance on. With each of the folks already going to Tilted Towers just about every game, going to the clock tower will generate total chaos within the region -- particularly inside the initially couple of days. Wait a couple of days just before attempting it to reduce the number of persons you compete against. The final two areas would be the giant porcelain throne near Flush Factory and the large pine tree at Fortunate Landings.

Here are all three locations on the map: 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges 

3) Get a score of three or more at different shooting galleries 

Here's an entertaining new challenge that's different than what we've noticed before. With this challenge, you will wish to drop to locations with shooting galleries, step on a gray plate, then shoot targets as they pop up randomly in front of you. It really is pretty simple to complete so long as you know where to go, so here's a map with all the shooting galleries: 

Fortnite Season 6 Week 4 Challenges 

4) Eliminate opponents near any of the corrupted areas   

For this challenge, you could land in any on the seven darkened locations on the map where Kevin the Cube printed his runes. You would like to get this one particular out of your way early when individuals are landing in these places to finish the challenge. In the event you wait too long, you might have issues getting players to eliminate after the excitement has died down.

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Season 6 will arrive on September 27th. Before it arrives, how do you spend your waiting time? Right here are six methods you are able to stop oneself from going insane though waiting for Season 6.

NO.1 Finish The Season 5 Battle Pass

Should you haven't finished it but, you've got just about two days left to attain level one hundred and claim the Ragnarok skin for oneself.

Your first port of contact should be the weekly challenges - if you've not completed them all, now's your possibility! Quite a few from the non-combat challenges are finest completed in 50vs50 mode. The relative lack of enemies will make it easy to, as an example, score an enormous variety of ATK or purchasing cart trick points, shoot some clay pigeons, or full the time trials scattered across the map.

If you are still a few battle stars quick, take a look at the unlockable backgrounds from the Road Trip challenge. You'll find that the very first seven all depict the areas of secret, hidden stars around the map. If located, these stars could provide you with the boost you'll want to finish the Battle Pass just before the servers switch off on Thursday. The idea of luck!

NO.2 Just Preserve Playing Fortnite

I'm not certain who stated that almost certainly Shakespeare or anything. And if any historical figure may be pretty much guaranteed to possess been massively into Fortnite, it is Shakespeare. Where would Macbeth be without having his fort? Are you able to visualize The Tempest without the need for the storm? And let's not neglect that A great deal Ado About Practically nothing is actually just Battle Royale but with marriage as an alternative to guns.

So, in honor of the bard, why not only carry on playing Fortnite like nothing's taking place? Maybe you have got some battle pass challenges left to finish, or you'd like to spend a little additional time with all the current LTMs. Just endeavor to overlook about all of the incredibly wild, exciting things which are no doubt on their way in the subsequent handful of days.

Why get all hot and bothered when you can just calmly log in on Thursday and casually view the adjustments?

NO.3 Fantasize about Season 6

Season five has had many of the coolest, most fascinating in-game events. In the live rocket launch introducing rifts towards the game, the huge wide variety of LTMs which have been offered plus the storm-born cube itself (all hail), the past ten weeks happen to be filled with excitement and intrigue. It is anyone's guess what Epic has in store for us from Thursday, but I for one am incredibly excited.

One issue we do know is the fact that Season 6 will somehow involve a robot llama DJ. Which, provided that this really is Fortnite, almost certainly will not be the weirdest point about it.

NO.4 Make Wild Predictions Regarding the Content material for Season 6

Everybody loves a superb fake ! Particularly ones that sound just about believable. Why not commit your absolutely free time adding fuel for the fire by coming up with outlandish ideas which will never ever happen, then posting about them on Reddit and YouTube? Bonus points in case your concept would basically be detrimental to the game.

Previous: Fortnite Season 6 Will Come Soon - 4 Things You Need to Know

NO.5 Go Outdoors

You could go to get a walk, possess a good sandwich, possibly even meet a cool dog. Don't like dogs? Go swimming! People today hardly ever (if ever) take their dogs towards the swimming pool. Swimming is also a good approach to physical exercise your arms, legs… Fundamentally, each of the body parts which are not exercised by spending 8 hours each day playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

For those who reside with or close to other humans, this would also be a very good time for you to practice interacting with them. You never ever know any time you might get thrown into a squads match with some random with a mic, and it's constantly handy to become capable to a minimum of try communication with them.

These are just some of the things you could attempt. In the end, the top remedy for anticipation is time. Just a couple of additional days of patience, and you will be capable of discovering Season 6 to your heart's content.

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In Path of Exile, what we can see today is that when the PoE starts there was a lot of people playing HC much more than SC. Nowadays situation completely opposite. More and more people going to play only SC leagues.

Because HC becomes closer and closer to SSF league. There is nothing that can interest people to start and start new characters in HC. I think we need something that would differ HC and SC prizes. And the differences could be in anything. There is my example: skins for sets, items, skills and other effects can be in 2 variations:

1) The skin as it is.

2) Advanced style of the skin (more shining, glowing or anything else that makes it look more in style).

Those 2 variations can be good for both types of players. If you want to risk or believe in yourself you can start and doing your achievements on HC. If you don't want to risk you can firstly start at SC and got prizes there and after that go to HC for alternative style. That's only 1 small idea, not the decision of the problem.

And there is one more thing about HC that I wanted to say. The game got a lot of changes from the start. And previously it was only mapping thing for both types of leagues. Nowadays it much more complicated thing with a lot of endgame content (Uber Lab, Uber Atziri, Shaper, Elder).

And if you want to play endgame content in HC you have to play only one (or probably two) metabuild. For example, now it's RF juggernaut (or guardian). And if you trying to make any interesting dps build. One of my own build examples: Frostblades with full cold conversion. When I was making this build in PoB I got a problem finished build with all needed dps nodes or drop most part of dps to get 210% increase HP because of HC.

Made lower HP build, it was very very fun to play but it wasn't for HC and of course I died after some time of endgame mapping. We need something that would differ HC and SC (not much but it should be). May be couple more skill points, or any expensive (here can be not only currency side, but also end-game mapping) craft abilities that help to make better items.

And one more thing. Game getting more and more bosses that have stages like Shakari, Queen of the Sands. That's so bad for HC when you made a good geared character, spent tons of exalts and chaos for that, also get 95+ level and you have to run and wait those stages on boss, and can't burst him with dps. When you playing HC you always trying to kill any hard boss as fast as possible to minimize chances to be killed. And with such mechanics you can't do this.

It was only my thought about HC. Someone have better ideas, welcome your message. Meanwhile, don't forget to keep an eye on PoE Power Leveling.

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In Path of Exile, the classes are often categorized depending on the attributes that contribute the most to their effectiveness. They are therefore divided into Pure and Hybrid classes. The Duelist class belongs to the latter due to its reliance on both the Strength and Dexterity attributes.

Hybrid classes are the second type of classes exile in the game are categorized as. Their key trait is that they rely on two or more attributes to become effective. This also allows Hybrid classes to be more flexible in their builds.

They can often wear various accessories that help in increasing their multiple specialties. Another advantage of Hybrid classes is their adaptability to weapons. They can often wield either range or melee weapons and still be a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.

Duelists use a mix of Strength and Dexterity to survive in Wraeclast. This allows him to be proficient in both Bow a and swords. PoE Credits this Hybrid class can wield include two-handed swords, longbows, one hand swords and shields. The duelist also survives through dodge and parry thanks to their affinity to Dexterity. The starting stats of a Duelist are 23 Strength, 23 Dexterity and 14 Intelligence.

With regards to gear and equipment the Duelist can wear or use poe buy items, there are plentiful. These quick tempered exiles can wear Helmets for their heads and Brigandines, Doublets, and Lamellar for their body.

Scale Gauntlets and Boots are often seen on their hands and feet. For those who choose a sword and shield approach, they can don Round Shields to fend off blows.

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In Path of Exile, most of players may want to know that is a piscatos ele wander a good league starter? Every guide says barrage needs some more projectiles to get a real bosskiller, dying sun and helm enchant costs a shitton of currency. Should you search something else what might be cheaper?

On a budget decoy totem is a better bosser than barrage. Bring the boss close to a wall, then KB it to death. If you're fighting a boss that has too long melee range for the totem to kite it close enough to the wall, use the patented 2-step totem placement.

For ranged bosses you can hide the totem behind obstacles to make them reposition in a helpful manner. In the Doedre fight with the curse totems, for example, you can put your decoy totem behind one of the curse totems and Doedre will get right up against the wall to fire at it. Use a psuedo-5l barrage to deal with rares in the open, or make a knockback barrage link for utility.

As you get more currency, buy more abyss uniques with more sockets and roll yourself some better abyss jewels, or you can buy poe currency cheap on U4GM, ilvl76+ ones are honestly good enough on a budget, and either chaos spamming or alt-regaling will yield good results for cheaper than buying them.

Flat ele rolls are your highest priority. When your damage is good enough for it, switch your kb over to your psuedo-5/6l and put barrage in your chest. Dying sun is a massive upgrade, but you can do a lot of content without it.

You can KB from level 28 with wrath or anger + herald of ice, on a kb+lmp+wed+ice bite/added cold/added lightning link. Roll carved wands with essence of anger/wrath/hatred. A unique that adds flat ele to attacks like prismweave, ondar's clasp, or wake of destruction helps massively.

Next priority is scaling movement speed, since you won't have a good repeatable movement skill. If you want to go fast this won't be as good as leveling with something like frostblades and a good movement skill, but if you just want to play your build from early on and laugh as kb blows up screens of mobs it's not bad. Good luck to you.

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